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My Hubby, the cat-hater

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I feel kind of shy about sharing this here instead of the feral forum, but there's so much sad stuff going on around here these days, I thought this might help bring a much needed smile to many lips.

Hubby was a cat hater. No, but really. Our stray, Rocki (was calling her Rocki here because I was embarassed about the real name we were using!) showed up last year, and he took pity - but really only because she made such a mess with the garbage cans. He viewed her as a flea-infested (which she wasn't) varmant. (Spelling?). And then this Spring, a feral mama had kittens behind the bus up in the woods - and his heart started melting. And when two of the kitties made "friends" with him, well that was it. We started breaking the news (and making amends) to his owned-by-cat friends after we adopted the first feral kitty, Lazlo. Then Lazlo "needed" a friend, so we adopted his brother, Sheldon. Shelly and Gary made fast friends. Shelly head-butts Gary all the time, and nothing lights his face up faster.

Here's Shelly asleep. Gary leaned down to pick him up with a "can you believe how cute he is?" and gave him a kiss. (Shelly is still asleep despite being picked up!) This Pic is proof for all our friends that Gary truly has done a 180. He has suffered through much (deserved) ribbing from friends, who still find it hard to swallow. A convert!
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Yeah Gary - A TRUE MAN!!!! Thanks for making me smile - I needed that!!
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That is such a cute pic! I firmly believe that any cat-hater doesn't know any cats. Then there were my parents. Both of them "didn't like" cats, but later on in life told me why. They had each had a cat of their own when they were younger. When their kitties died, Dad's in a football related incident, they were each so upset that they swore never to let a cat into their hearts again. It hurt too much to lose them, something we can all relate to.
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Oh, that would be a dream come true for me Maybe there's still hope

Thanks for sharing
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AAAAWWWW!!! That is just too cute. 2 handsome fellas, too!
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Sabra - if my hubby did it, yours can too! I'm convinced it happened because all of it (first feeding/spaying Booger/Rocki, then feeding the kittens and spaying mama) was his idea (or so he thought). I don't know how you achieve that though without a beautiful but sad looking stray making a mess in your yard....

I sure am happy about it though! I get two wonderful kids because of it - and lots more smiles around here, even on bad work days.

Yeah! :tounge2:
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They're both sweethearts!
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That is the sweetest picture! Does hubby know that you have shared it with all us chickens here?
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Laurie - that's such a touching pic. BTW - don't know about Sheldon being cute . . . Gary's not bad either!!!

Lucky you, such a fit hubby, and a cat lover to boot!
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What a great picture!!!!!! I am so glad he is a "convert" now!!! My hubby was the same way...he didn't hate cats, per say...but really had no use for them until he fell in love with Merlin as a kitten, and now that Merlin is 2 years old, Brent dotes on him and saves him some of his supper, like if we have steak, he saves him a couple bites, and I have some cute pics of Merlin sleeping on him!!! :laughing:
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Debby, we'd love to see some pics of Merlin and Brent - they sound so cute! Also, do you have any more photos of the special little Amber?
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I am picking up my pictures on Friday, so I will have some to post this weekend! Thanks for asking.
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That pic is adorable! Now if only I could get my husband to do a 180 about dogs...

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Jenk - a man who doesn't like dogs? Didn't know they existed. And yes, hubby knows the picture was posted. He's completely shameless about smothering Shelly with kisses. He grabs him frequently - heard frequently around here is "I know you're in play mode (or sleeping) and you don't want this right now, but too bad!" just before he picks him up to give him a kiss and sends him scurrying after a mouse-toy (or back to dreamland). These cats have totally turned him around, and how lucky am I for that? I get the best of all worlds now!

And Debby, Gary likes to treat Shel (after dinner) to little bits of left over steak or chicken too. I think it makes Gary happier than Shelly.

And yes! More pictures of Amber please! Doubt you're getting much sleep these days, but you sure seem to have mastered one-finger typing! :tounge2:
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Actually that was just that one time I ws typing while holding her. I know what you mean about the "treats". Brent always says.."save some for Merlin" when I give the animals leftovers. And he makes sure to save him bits of this and that!!
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