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There ya go then carry a knife in the driver compartment.After all if your unconcious or dead you won't be able to get the kids out the car.
I will NOT comment on it is MY choice NOT to wear one.
I have deleted my precious post also
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Always, before the car goes into gear, everyone in the entire car has to have on a seatbelt (From a purely selfish angle, I don't want to die or have someone else in my car die because you were unbuckled in my backseat and bashed me when you went sailing). Shoot, 5 miles an hour and no seatbelt can knock your teeth out on the dash! No thanks.
Two of our best friends were T-boned a few years ago in their minivan (someone ran a red light) and their van flipped 3 times. The witnesses said they were sure they were all dead. They all had on their seatbelts/carseat seatbelts. The 3 kids were fine, and the only serious injury was the DH, who hit his head on the windshield- he's fine now . And the new van has airbags . And just something to think about- if you are planning on your airbags protecting you, it won't do you a lick of good if you miss them!

Oh, and we also have a cutting tool and a tool to shatter the window in case of emergency.
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Oh, and we also have a cutting tool and a tool to shatter the window in case of emergency.
We have a box cutter in our glove box and DH always carries a pocket knife.As for shattering the window,a good 4-way does the trick.
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ALWAYS wear a seatbelt - even just going from the mailbox in our complex to our apartment. I also will not let anyone else travel in my car without a seatbelt. I think you have to be crazy not to wear one.

Same with helmets on a bicycle - that's a safety must do.
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I always wear a seatbelt, it's a rule of my family and it's just automatic. But I'd always wear one, it's too dangerous not too! I hate riding in cars and it would just be even more scary without a seatbelt!!! This weekend my teacher's son was involved in a car accident and he's now in a coma.
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I always wear my seatbelt and require all my passengers to wear them. I feel very uncomfortable without a seatbelt even if I'm just backing the car out of the garage to clean.
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I always wear my seatbelt with the exception of teeny tiny things- like if I'm moving my car around in the driveway for something. But if I'm on the road I have it on- it feels too weird not to have it. I never used to when I was young but once I got into drivers training I got so used to wearing it that I always do now. I don't necessarily buckle up before I put the car in drive- sometimes I do it as I'm pulling out of the driveway and get going.
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im guilty!! i never wear one either only when we go out of state, or drive to nyc because i get nervous when im outta home lines, ya know. my bf on the other hand wears one if he is driving up the street, i guess i should start wearing it more, maybe one day it will save my life!!!
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It's knid of a no brainer
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I don't wear one.. Mostly because they are too confining,, and because i'm too big,, so they are super super tight...
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I almost always wear my seatbelt. Now if I am going just to the end of the driveway or to my in-laws(right next door and i don't even get on the road) then I don't but really that is the only time I dont. lee on the other hand will not wear one. It drives me crazy and makes me worry so much about him when he is out and about.
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They're mandatory here, and I won't even start the car if everyone doesn't have their seatbelts on. Jacob, who loves to go car-car, has to wear one too! He sits there quite proudly with his seatbelt on!
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I read somewhere that most (or a large percentage of) car accidents occur less than a mile from home! So don't think it's not important if you're just going a short distance.
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I absolutely have to wear a seatbelt, regardless of how far we're going. In fact, I get PO'd at drivers who move the car before I'm buckled in. I've refused to get into cars that didn't have enough working seatbelts for everyone, and I'm one of those people who nags at anyone else in the car for not wearing a seatbelt. Yeah, it digs into my neck (no matter how many times I adjust it) and it can be uncomfortable. So what? As another poster said, I don't want to die because you didn't buckle up and came flying at my head! Explain to me how I'm supposed to anticipate an accident and protect myself from that!

When we were kids -- after seatbelts became mandatory, but before it was really enforced, and long before kids were supposed to sit in the back seat, with small children in car seats -- my dad was driving my sister and I home from school, all of us unbuckled in the car, when the front passenger door came flying open. My sister tumbled out the door and onto the road, where she was nearly hit by a passing vehicle. Luckily she was only scraped up and terrified, but it could have been so much worse. After that, everyone wore a seatbelt in the car (and the door, which had been latching improperly, got fixed).

I know too many horror stories where wearing a seatbelt would've saved a life; I know just as many stories where that seatbelt did save a life. I can't say that I know of any horror stories where the seatbelt was the cause of the tragedy.
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
They're mandatory here, and I won't even start the car if everyone doesn't have their seatbelts on. Jacob, who loves to go car-car, has to wear one too! He sits there quite proudly with his seatbelt on!
I even belt the cat carriers in. One time I didn't get it secure and poor Much went tumbling across the seat when I took a corner. She handled it ok but I felt so badlyl.
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Absolutely! I am not comfortable until I've done up my seatbelt.
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I've worn a seat belt every time I get in the car to drive since 1995. I was living in Michigan at the time and heading to Lansing to go to work. when I was merging onto the highway a car cut in front me. The pavement was wet and my car spun two or three times. The car ended up stopping a couple of feet from the concrete median- head first! I was lucky in another way because I was fortunate that it ouccured during an open space in traffic and the cars behind me could stop withn plenty of distance to spare. I literally thought I was going to die. I didn't have my seat belt on at the time. That scared me enough to wear it ever since.

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In Kentucky they can pull you over for not wearing your seatbelt and I live in a town where the cops really like being pains and they are pretty quick to pull you over. So I have to wear mine
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I even belt the cat carriers in.

I always buckle in the kitties when their in their carriers too
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I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt. Before I learned to drive I always put up a fight to put on the belt, but when I learned to drive I automatically started to wear it, but it was because I started driving without a license. I got into an accident about a year ago, and luckily I had my seatbelt or I could ahve been seriously injured.

Since then its become a stronger habit. I dont even turn on the car without putting on my seatbelt. Its nice because when other people see me buckle up they automatically buckle up too
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Originally Posted by Mirinae View Post
I absolutely have to wear a seatbelt, regardless of how far we're going. In fact, I get PO'd at drivers who move the car before I'm buckled in.
Consider yourself lucky! Sometimes Chad tries to take off before I even am in the car all the way!!!!!
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Ok, so there is no in between vote. I do wear my seat belt, all the time, unless I'm going to the shoprite, or my SIL's, which is at the end of my street. And I only drive cause either we're gonna go somewhere else, or I'll have a ton of bags....Other than that I always wear it. And I make sure that the kiddo's have all their lap belts/car seats etc. done no matter where we go. If I go off of my own street I have it on.
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Always, always, always! I won't start the car until all passengers, human or animal, are buckled up. I once had a terrifying experience while driving to work. I was going about 35 m.p.h. on the main drag when an ambulance came out of a side street, and the car in front of me collided with it. Not only were that driver and the people in the back of the ambulance killed, but I slammed on the brakes so hard that our 120 -130 lb. dog, who was in the very back of the station wagon, flew into the windshield. The windshield shattered, he had a very bloody nose and contusions, and wouldn't get into a car after that if he wasn't heavily sedated. I had my seat belt on that day, and would probably have been killed without it. As it was, I was merely badly bruised.
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Absolutely! Always! And if you are riding with me in my car, you WILL wear a seatbelt....otherwise, you can walk.
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I always wear my seat belt
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I always wear my seat belt. Even if Im just sitting in the car. My parents scared me to death as a kid and now I never go without a seat belt.
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