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Seat belts

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Im going to try and make a poll here

Do you wear your seatbelt everytime you get in a vehicle? Just out of curiousity
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Nope. They irritate my skin.
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Yes, the fine here for not wearing it is big and the police do random checks and I would rather be safe anyway, but it also irritates my skin so I have a cover on it which my BF's friends find hilarious
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If I have to wear it (such as when there are a lot of cops around) I normally put the belt that goes across be behind me. I wore it one time and had a huge break out on my neck once. It stayed there for weeks. I'm not gonna do that again.
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If I don't have mine on, I can't start the car. I've even put it on driving from one parking space to another.

I also won't drive unles everyone has one on. It's one of very few iron clad rules I have. If you don't put on a seatbelt in my car, you can walk. Period.

Edit: DH also is an insurance agent, and worked in the claims department for a large auto insurance company. If I didn't wear one he wouldn't talk to me for a week.
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Oh, yeah, and that beeping annoying buzzing/beeping sound it makes if you don't have the seatbelt on would also drive me crazy
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Seat belts are compulsory here, and were when I learnt to drive so I've always used one. It would feel odd to drive without one so it wouldn't occur to me not to.
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Click it or ticket.If your in my car you have your seat belt on like it or not.
Studies have proven again and again many accidents you will survive but only if you have your sat belt on. Two weeks ago a friend of mine. Had! a 20 year old daughter who was not wearing her seat belt her boy friend was, he walked away from a rollover with minor bruises. She was ejected from the jeep and she didn't walk away she was driven away in a body bag.
Please wear your seat belt. You always think it won't happen to you but it can and might.
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I will NOT wear one!!! I hate them and I would rather pay a fine than be trapped in a vehicle that has caught on fire and I can't get the seat belt loose.
I will ONLY slip it on when I see a Police pull out behind me.
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I always wear them. There's so many accidents on the corner of my street, and last November a guy in high school got in a drunk driving accident and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. He slipped into a coma and died a few days later.
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The only time I don't is when in a vehicle that has one that won't fit around me. One factor in getting my van was that the belt would fit. I also require passengers to buckle up.

This past April I had a one vehicle accident and while Mom and I had bruises from the belts, we would have been in worse shape had we not been belted.

One accident report that has stuck in my mind is of a young family who had an accident (rollover). The parents survived despite not having their belts on. Their infant died, though properly placed in a car seat, from the parents being thrown about the car and into the infant.
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Yes, I do.
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I always wear my seatbelt, even when driving the forklift, it's just force of habit to me.
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Seatbelts are mandatory where I live. If you are pulled over and don't have it on (and they do random checks), you are subject to a huge fine.

Unfortunately I'm not a small person and some vehicles I get into the seatbelt is a bit too short, so in those cases I don't wear one, but if the seatbelt is long enough I will wear it.
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Early one morning many years ago, a young woman was heading home from college for Thanksgiving, and just down the street from my house, she lost control of her small truck when she veered into the curb. She was thrown from the vehicle and the truck rolled and fell on top of her, killing her. I'll never forget it. She was going only about 35-40 mph. If she had been wearing her seatbelt, she probably would have been eating turkey that day with her parents.

We always wear our seatbelts, and so does anyone riding in the car with us.

Cheers, from
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Very rarely do I not wear it. I always try to. The stats show that seat belts save more lives than they take. I often here the argument that it can trap you in a burning car. That is true, anything can happen. BUT, a 30 mile an hr reck without a seatbelt can be fatal, whereas if you have your seatbelt on it'd be more than likely rather minor. I value my life far too much.

(And I keep interrupting threads because I've been away and I'm seeing all of these fantastic siggies, but I MUST say Laura, I'm adoring the picture of Brandon there. He is such a cutie pie. I love his sweet little ears and nose, you should dress him up for Christmas in some precious elf outfit that he will hate you for later. Lol.)
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I wear one all the time...My sis was in an accident with a friend, my sis had her seatbelt on her friend didn't, SHE NOW LIVES IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!!
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Absolutely, everytime.
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ALWAYS!! I would never NOT wear a seatbelt.
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Yes,Always,Although sometimes I don't wear it properly,I put it under my arm when reversing and sometimes forget
I got stopped by a traffic cop one day and got a ticking off,He said I could get done for
that, so I try not to forget now....I can imagine what people would think if they heard me up in court for ' improper use of a seatbelt'
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I can't afford the fine for NOT wearing one and if I DO have an accident, without wearing it, my insurance premiums will go up.
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It's the law here and I always do when I'm driving the 'normal' way. I do not wear it while driving on the passenger side delivering the mail, it's too constrictive and gives me less control of the vehicle. We are rquired to use seat belts if we have a right-hand drive vehicle.
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Every Single Time! And everyone in the front seat. Everyone under 18 in the back seat as well.... Or I don't drive them!
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Everytime. A very close friend of mine died in a car accident a few years ago. She was also pregnant. It was a SMALL(and I mean small)accident and she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. She banged her head off the dashboard and the side of her door and was killed instantly. Even before than I always wore my belt.

Not to start something but I have to say that even if it does irritate your skin, buy a cover. Your skin being irritated is better than your life being lost. ALSO, wearing the shoulder part behind you will not save you in any way in the case of an accident. Just a little 411 from experience
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When I was first driving, seat belts were optional and very few people wore them. But when I was 20 and had just had knee surgery, a good friend was rear-ended by a car going 20 mph. Her knees were smashed into the dashboard and she fractured one of them. That cause such sympathy pains in my knee that I've worn a belt ever since (even to back out of the garage). I feel too vulnerable.

Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
I will NOT wear one!!! I hate them and I would rather pay a fine than be trapped in a vehicle that has caught on fire and I can't get the seat belt loose.
I will ONLY slip it on when I see a Police pull out behind me.
As to this argument (and the one where you get submerged in water). Chances are: if you have an accident and are not wearing a seat belt, you will probably be seriously injured or unconscious and unable to escape the car anyways. Having the belt on means that you increase your chances of being conscious and able to extract yourself from the car.
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I will not move my car an inch without my own seatbelt and my passengers buckled. If I'm driving, I'm responsible for the lives of the people in my vehicle and those around me. (To a certain extent of course.) I have always had the idea that my actions affect those around me. I never want it to be said that my actions caused pain (of any sort) to another living creature and could have been prevented. I work with people with disabilities every day. Several people I've had as clients were in some sort of accident. Most will be quick to tell you, their seat belts or other protective gear, saved their lives, vs hurt them. I meet so many people who have had their lives changed and now have to regroup....people who have lost everything. It's hard not to take their stories home with me.
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I always wear my seatbelt and make my passengers, I would hate for anything to happen to anyone I was driving around.

We have a cutting tool/window breaking hammer in the console just in case.
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I never leave my driveway or anywhere else for that matter without putting my seatbelt on first. The same goes for anyone else who wants to ride in my car- i'm responsible for them, so they all wear seatbelts when they're with me. All of my nieces and nephews know to sit in the back seat as well since that is safer for them. And for my little nieces and nephews, I use car seats and booster seats as needed. I would never take a chance with the lives and safety of those i love
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
I agree that the chances are better if you wear them. I won't argue that!!!
But, I HAVE been in an accident where my Brother WAS trapped in his seat belt and the car DID start to smoke and the Policeman had to cut his seatbelt with his knife.
So, I won't wear them.
(I do however make my kids wear them-----the way I see THAT, is I can get them out if we are in an accident)
There ya go then carry a knife in the driver compartment.After all if your unconcious or dead you won't be able to get the kids out the car.

I had an accident on my motorbike (not my fault of course,the chain locked around the rear wheel) I was sent over the handle bars and landed on my knees in front of a car.
I was ok although I smashed my knees in and shattered my helmet.
I decided that day I would be safer in a car, they have more protection and seat belts.
Imo Driving a car without a seatbelt is no different than riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
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