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My hubby, the Cat Hater

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I feel kind of shy about sharing this here instead of the feral forum, but there's so much said stuff going on around here these days, I thought this might help bring a much needed smile to many lips.

Hubby was a cat hater. No, but really. A stray, Booger (was calling her Rocki here because I was embarassed about the real name we were using!) showed up last year, and he took pity - but really only because she made such a mess with the garbage cans. He viewed her as a flea-infested (which she wasn't) varmint. (Spelling?). And then the feral mama had kittens behind the bus up in the woods - and his heart started melting. And when two of the kitties made "friends" with him, well that was it. We started breaking the news to his friends (many of them cat owners for many years) after we adopted the first feral kitty, Lazlo. Then Lazlo needed a friend, so we adopted his brother, Sheldon. Shelly and Gary made fast friends. Shelly head-butts Gary all the time, and nothing lights his face up faster.

Here's Shelly asleep. Gary leaned down to pick him up with a "can you believe how cute he is?" and gave him a kiss. Proof for all our friends that Gary truly has done a 180. He has suffered through much (deserved) ribbing from friends, who still find it hard to swallow. A convert!
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A few years ago Mike's daugther Annette came for a visit with her passel of kids. She walked into the living room and saw her father sitting on the couch with his lap full of kitties, I believe probably Shredder, Kabota, and Bartee. She looked at him in disbelief and said "But Daddy, you HATE cats!" Mike was bottle feeding a kitten at the time and he looked up with a big smile and said "Who can hate this!" LOL It was news to me that he hated cats. Thirteen years ago when I found my first rescue only a few days old, frozen in the snow of Alaska, Mike didn't even blink while we went about saving Smudge's life. Smudge was 10 years old when she finally passed over and her favorite place to sleep was snuggled next to Mike's chest.
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