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Raw food diet

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I know some of yawl breeders use a raw food diet and say its great for reducing waste and smell and gas.My question is if yawl can post some of the receipes you use.I am gonna be taking kirra in for a check up (our scale has her at 9lbs at 6 months oie) and was gonna show the vet the receipes and see what he thinks would be best for her. Hubby likes the idea of the raw food diets, but we wanna run it by the vet first since kirra has the siezures and seems a bit overweights.
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these are pre packaged simple so you can add what is needed
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thanks for those , bookmarked em

but i was also hoping for homemade ones, i have a meat place near me that i can get all the incrediants freshly umm butchered lol. (saves on shipping and handling hehe)
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A lot of people who feed raw don't use recipes, many just feed using a prey model diet. Your cat is young enough she should take to eating RMB (raw meaty bones) pretty easily. If you are interested in recipes though, Google "make your own cat food" or something similar and you should find them.

Here's one: http://www.catnutrition.org/recipes.html

Here's another: http://www.holisticat.com/rawrecipe.html
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Yeah actual raw recipes arent hard to find you may have to modify homemade ones ( PM me and I can send some)
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I have a loose frame of a recipe:

60% muscle meat
10-15% bone
>10% heart
< 10% liver
5-10% "other" (eggs, youghurt, veggies etc.)

I don't mix a lot. I feed a lot of whole meaty bones and chunks of meat.
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