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Roper is back! Pics

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Hey everyone I havent been on in a long while (months!) so if you remeber me... I'm the member who owned Roper. I found him at a Gas Station on June 26th when he was just 4 weeks old and wieghed 1 pound. My Sig is the pictures of him as a baby that you saw back then..... so look at that to remeber or look up my old threads for more kitty pics.

He has changed so much now, he went from a scrawny, torn up, raggedy kitten into a nice sleek gentleman. He is so beautiful now...and he loves to eat. Spoiled as ever to! The pictures say it all lol

He is 6 months old now!!!! Can you believe it? Last time I was here he was just 1 month!!!

We had an accident during the time I have been away, something happend to his rear left leg. One morning I got up and he had hurt it, I knew something was wrong because he was looking at me funny and meowing. We took him to the vet immediatly. There was a new vet.....*rolls eyes* She looked at his leg and said his knee was swollen and that she couldnt *feel* a fracture so she doubted there was one. She gave us a 7 day anti-inflammatory that costed over $100.00.....Guess what? It didnt help at all and she said he should be back to normal in one week instead it took 2 1/2 months for his leg to heal, for him to stop limping on it. Now he is using it again but there is still something *iffy* about it....but he isnt in any pain so thats the most important thing in the world.

This Kit is just wonderful...I really cant imagine what it was like before I got him! Your life doesnt really begin until you have had a kitty in your household.
Ok Pictures... Your not going to believe the change! lol

Before and After Pics......
Same Place, infront of the Bathtub.....
1 month

3 months

5 months:

6 months: Pics were taken Yesterday!

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Oh My GOSH I love those last 2 pics...He is GORGEOUS!!!!
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Oh he is a handsome fella.

I'm new here so you won't know me yet.

I'm owned by Mr. Puff. I just adopted him 2 weeks ago.
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Those last 2 pictures are brilliant
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
Oh he is a handsome fella.

I'm new here so you won't know me yet.

I'm owned by Mr. Puff. I just adopted him 2 weeks ago.

Its GS
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He is gorgeous.
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Awwwwww I remember baby Roper. Oh my goodness he has grown! He is so handsome Im glad he is doing better now with his leg. Welcome Back!
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I think that it is time for a new Roper siggy.
He was a kitten that won our hearts....
Now look at him.....
He is really handsome.
His colors are so vivid.
Don't stay away so long....
we love Roper.

I am sending lots of healing vibes for his leg.
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He is adorable!
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Roper sure has grown! He's such a beautiful boy!
I love the last 2 pics as well!
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YAY more Roper pics, I love this one:

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I remember Roper! What a handsome boy he's grown into.
You should stick around!
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I too remember Roper! Boy, has he changed into a lovely young man!!!! Love his leg positions in the last two doesn't get more relaxed and fancy-free than that!
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he's grown up so big and strong!!! very beautiful boy
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Wow he has grown so much, but he has still got a lovely face.
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He is soo goergous o my...look how big he got sooooo adorable and handsome
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aww........... what a handsome boy, the orange is like a yummy thick marmalade colour - he is stunning !!!! and boy, does he know how to pose
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Hes such a pretty boy!
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Aww he's really cute! And very healthy looking.
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Was he named after Mr. Roper on 3's Company?
ahhh I love him and Mr. Furrley!(see how I did that...gosh i amaze myself sometime lol (just kidding) )
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Oh my is he handsome!! I love his eyes
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Mr. Roper is much more attractive then I remember!
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