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Help!! Frontline Application gone wrong

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Hi All,

I am a new cat owner. I got a 4 1/2 month old kitten Wednesday. Took him to the vet Friday and bought Frontline. He had a few vaccinations so I waited to apply the Frontline today.

Well, it was a mess. Obviously he has some adversion to latex gloves. He went wild when I held him and the Frontline went all over his coat. I tried to get him so I could wipe it off and he darted away, ... When I caught up with him it was obvious he had licked it. I put in a call to my vet and no callback yet.

Is there anything that I can do in the mean time for him and has anyone had their cats lick Frontline?

I am so worried!!!

Thanks a million,
Lovebugs Mom
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From their website, here's their 1-800 number:

If you have a question about FRONTLINE, please call the consumer number at 1-800-660-1842.
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Oh heck well I had this with Peps some years ago, she foamed at the mouth, so all I tried to do was wash off as much as possible, as she was contantly licking herself and making it worse !
So if your kitty is friendly towards you at the moment, maybe you could bathe his coat with warm water to remove as much as possible. Theres probably loads of other tips on the net, but you do need to stop your cat (if poss) from further licking !

Good Luck and keep us posted
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Relax! I had this happen with Dori and she was ok. Here's the advice I got when I posed about it... from very credible people I might add

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What were the laytex gloves for? I would just not use them next time. I have never heard of using laytex gloves for flea med application, especially if the cat has never seen or felt them before. That could be quite startling.

I don't know if cats can lick Frontline, large quantities would probably be bad which is why you put it on their neck and not in their mouth. On the other hand there is always the possibility of a cat being able to lick anything that is put on their fur. I mean they still make toxic flea collars to put on your pets which could kill them so who knows.

I don't know. I would call the number and ask them directly.
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Thank you for all your information!!!

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Frontline is nontoxic (the hospital where I work once had a cat brought in whose bozo human had given it orally!) but it does taste absolutely horrible!

The best thing to do is put the Frontline in one spot, between the back of the neck and the middle of the shoulder blades. This is the one spot they can't really reach to lick.
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I've never used gloves either. I just get them when they are calm or sleeping, quickly seperate the hair on the neck and squeeze quickly that's it. Shouldnt take longer than about 30 seconds.

Zoey has licked the Advantage before and ran around the house foaming at the mouth. Scared the you know WHAT out of me. Since I switched to Frontline she has not done that. I think Frontline is less smelly, less liquid, and dries quicker.
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