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Silly Kitty

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I know I just shared pics. But I had to show you this one. Mr. Puff showed me his silly face last night. He's so cute I had to share.

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That is ADORABLE...How old is Mr puff???
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is ADORABLE...How old is Mr puff???
The estimate I was given was around 6-8 months old.
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I don't know why it's so big. I had photobucket resize it. I can't get it any smaller.
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Awww that is just precious. He looks like he's giving you a big cheesy grin.
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It does look like he is saying Cheeeeeese!!! He is a beauty!
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Wook at his cute wittle face!!!!

He LOVES you, Meowmie!!!
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Definitely a 'sat cheese' smile
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What a goof!
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Such a cute smile!
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that is too cute.. I've never seen a cat do that...
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Thank you for posting that! I really needed a big smile and giggle this morning.
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That's a great picture. He looks like such a happy guy.
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Awww that's so cute!!!!
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hahahahha that really made me laugh out loud ! Mr Puff looks like one of the cartoon cats - dead cute love it
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Adorable. He was really smiling for that pic
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Awe hes sooo cute heart3:
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