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New House For Kitty, Adjustment

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I recently moved my cat into my new home, she was staying at my parents home with another cat. She has been meowing on and off at night especially ealy morning before and as she walks thru the house. How long does it take for a cat to accept a new life style, she is young only 7 months old and will she settle down. I dont want to her take her back so if that is what you suggest then dont even bother posting. My wife and I got her togather and want her to adjust living here. We also decided until she gets bigger and older we will put her in the bedroom while we are away from home, I dont want to come home and find her injured or stuck in something, she is small and can get caught in confined spaces. Thanks
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to TCS! I'm sure she'll settle down fairly soon, as she's young and adaptable. Do you think she misses the other cat, and is crying for that reason? Perhaps you could get her a little friend of about her own age to keep her company.
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I was thinking the same thing. When one of my cats is lonely downstairs, she calls out with this pitiful meow like she's lost or something until the other cat comes down. They don't even always play, it's just she wants some company sitting in the window.
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Yes, by all means get kitty a playmate!

It never crossed my mind to have more than one cat - until . . . . our daughter moved back home with Mika (who just happens to be Bijou's biological sister). We separated them (except when we were home to supervise) for one month.

Now they are great pals - they sleep curled up together but are both still very loving with us humans. They will share food and water dishes even though they each have their own. Two really are no more trouble than having one and our daughter knows that if she decides to move out again, Mika has to stay. It would be terrible to separate them now - I really do believe they would pine for each other (not to mention that "nanny" would miss her little grand-furbaby).
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A new cat is a good idea, but not immediately. What is recently? When did you move? If it was, as you say, recent, and you didnt introduce the cat to the house one room by another, and in the beginning in a small cozy room she could first get used to, it would be logical that she is meowing.

She is all confused since she lost her territory, and nothing is familiar, not even the furniture. Considering the fact that buying a new closet to put in her old house when she still lived there couldve already stressed her out for more than a week..consider what moving did to her.

Im not saying it is impossible to move a cat, and it depends on every cats personality. But if you give them small doses of it, they can handle the stress a bit better. If it was, like a matter of weeks ago, I would give her her own cozy room. like the bathroom, or something, with a blanket with your smells in it, a feliwaydiffuser in the socket, some toys and see how she does. If she feels at home quickly, then let her visit the next room. Not two at the same time, one a day, possibly even every two days or every week, depending on how she s adjusting.

If she is meowing out of boredom, and it has been several months, then by all means, get her a companion. She is still pretty young and playing is definitely her life right now, and that is always more fun when you have someone else to play with. And although humans are fun, they also arent full-time playbuddies. Just take care to introduce them properly (see other topics on this forum)

Hope she settles down quickly for your and her stress levels' sake
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