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Janis (iamluckysmom) and her RB baby Lucky

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I'm posting this for Janis so everyone can see her Rainbow Bridge Baby Lucky

And heres his story
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awww............Bless ...........Bless ..............Bless what a special little kitty !!
I am so pleased we get to see Little Lucky - thanks !!
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Awww....Bless his sweet little heart , He's gorgeous...RIP Sweet Lucky
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Janis, Lucky was just as beautiful as I imagined him to be. Thanks for sharing this picture with us. My angel Lucki whom I loss 11 years ago was also a sweet black kitty. I'm sure our two Lucky's are now playing happily together at the bridge.
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Janis, Lucky was an absolutely gorgeous boy I know your heart is aching, and I am so sorry for your loss.
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RIP Lucky. enjoy your time at the bridge
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Lucky, you precious sweetheart Janis, I'm immediately taken by the love in Lucky's beautiful eyes. His adorable face is so gentle and full of affection. The bond between the two of you absolutely shines. What a blessing you have been to each other. Your sweet angel still watches over you, and what a glorious day it will be when you're finally reunited with each other!
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Lucky was such a gorgeous boy, Janis, and the love and special bond the two of you shared just shines forth from that picture. I'm so sorry for your loss. Lucky with always be with you and knows how much you loved him. RIP sweet boy.
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What a beautiful kitty! I am so sad for you, and I know you miss Lucky terribly! He was a handsome, handsome boy! RIP sweey kitty!
I send love and prayers for your sweet boy.
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You remain in my thoughts Janis.
We are here for you.
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Awwww, what a handsome boy Lucky was (Of course I am partial to black cats.) RIP, Lucky!
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Janis, from one cat lover to another, my heart aches for you........if you ever need a friend....please feel free to PM me...........RIP little Lucky........
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I'll say it again... Lucky was a very handsome boy! What a sweet face!
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What a truly beautiful kitty he was From what you've posted, he was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside
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Lucky looks IDENTICAL to my grandson's first cat, Salem, who is also over the Bridge. And now they are both members of the TCS-cats-who-have-crossed club. Such classic, handsome cats - I am so sorry that we lost them, but our losses are indeed Heaven's gain. Play happily over RB, precious boys
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Same here, Janis. Please PM me if you need to cry or talk.
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Aww Lucky is such a handsome little boy I am sorry he was taken from you Janis Thank you for sharing your photo of a precious moment with your special little boy
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Lucky is simply adorable Fly high little one
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