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heat stroke

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Please someone let me know what the signs are for a heat stoke in a cat. My Rusti was gone for 3 of the hottest days we have had, she finally came home last evening after calling her for 3 day's.She is eating, drinking and resting. She is favoring her rite side, and is slighly off balance.Her head is tilted a little to the rite also and chewing on the right side of her mouth. Our vet is not in today.
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Anxiety, possibly demonstrated by pacing
Increased heartbeat
Respiratory distress or hyperventilation
(Breeds with flat noses may exhibit this earlier because of compromised airways.)
Dark red gums
Increased internal body temperature
Your cat's internal temperature should be between 100.5° and 101.5° F. A temperature of 104° or more is a definite warning sign. Here's how to take kitty's temperature.
You can help your cat survive extremely hot weather by keeping him indoors in a cool interior room. Rubbing him down with a damp towel will help; so will immersing his feet in a tub of cool water. Wrapping a cold compress under the cat's neck will also help cool him off. He may fight at first, but most likely will appreciate it once he gets used to the idea. Make sure your cat has several bowls of cool water available. It doesn't hurt to drop an ice cube in once in awhile. Strangely enough, cats affected by external heat may refuse to drink water, exacerbating the problem of dehydration, so you may want to "force" water by using an eyedropper or syringe. Be careful not to shoot the water down his throat as it can enter his lungs and/or cause choking. Just dribble a drop or two at a time in the corner of his mouth will help hydrate him and draw his interest to drinking on his own.

If your cat exhibits any of the signs above that lead you to think he is suffering heat exhaustion, cool him down as quickly as possible by immersing him in cool water, and then wrapping him with wet towels. Then get him to the veterinarian immediately. This is a serious, potentially fatal condition.

I took this off a cat site I belong to. But your cat needs to go the vet, what you are describing *could* be related to a head injury or trauma to the body from being hit or struck with something.
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Here are the symptoms:

Excessive panting
Elevated temperature Hot, dry skin
Pale lips and gums
Collapse and coma

Pets rely on panting and sweating to maintain their normal body temperatures but cats and dogs only have efficient sweat glands on the pads of their feet.

Is ther no emergency Vet in your area? Can't you get a hold of your Vet? Call around and see of any other Vet's are open and see if you can bring her in. I do not want to scare you but you really need to get your baby to a VET since I really think something else besides heat exhaustion is going on with her.

Good luck and please keep us in the loop.
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It doesn't sound like she had a heat stroke. We do live in the country and she could have tangled with a critter.But there are no marks on her at all. Thank you for your quick response.
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Not trying to scare you- but other than a limp, my shredder didn't have a mark on him either. He now sleeps with the angels, and he went to vet 5 times while he was off. Good luck! Please take your kitty in to the vet. Better safe than sorry.
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Our horse vet is calling me back. Hopefully she will see her. Maybe she did hurt her head, could have fallen from a tree, but I have never seen her climb anything.Pokie does all the climbing not Rusti. Thanbks again for your concern.
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