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Monday's DT

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Well hello everyone. It is a crazy, busy day at work today, so I keep de-stressing by checking in here! I will be having 2 friends join this site. One used to work with me, but has just moved to another province to have her 1st baby. She is already registered as "grommit" I believe. My other friend just adopted a stray this weekend. It was rescued where she was working and it wasn't claimed - it looks like it was adandoned. She is registered as Parker!

I went to a really long bridal shower on Saturday. After 5 hours it was still go strong, but we left as my sister's baby was getting really tired!

I am happy - we just sent away for season's tickets for the National Laccrosse League Toronto Rock! Woooooooohoooooooo- my fav team and spectator sport!

How was everyone else's weekend.
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I'm pretty busy at work today, too, but am managing to check in every once in a while (more often than I should - shhh!).

My weekend was busy, too. We are finishing up moving. Since we had 2 weeks, we've kind of been taking our time to do the dirty work. Of course, hubby has waited until this week to start packing up all his collectibles, and he has a TON of stuff! But, I managed to get the bathroom and bedroom completely done this weekend, so it shouldn't be too terrible the rest of the week. The kitchen is an absolute pit. Note to others - don't ever let the male be in charge of keeping the kitchen up, at least not if he is anything like mine. There is stuff in the fridge from god-knows-how-long-ago, the stove is filthy, the cupboards are worse. When Star Wars Episode 1 came out, he collected all of the different Pepsi cans with the different characters on them. One of them leaked all the way down one of the cupboards, and although he took care of his can, he never wiped up the cupboard. So there's a huge sticky mess all over. Luckily, we have until the end of the day Saturday, and I have Friday afternoon off, too. We should be able to have it all ready by then.

I should probably get back to work now. Hope everyone has a great day!
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52 minutes and counting before I get to leave work. Today has been kinda boring except for phone calls and some misc. bills and mail that I had to do earlier. After I get off work, I am going decorations shopping with my friend/coworker. One of our bosses is having a baby any day now, so a few of us are throwing her a surprise party here at work on Wednesday. I guess that I'm gonna read some more of my Jackie Collin's book while I wait for 5 o'clock to come.
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Was today Monday? Hubby and I are business Partners and work from home. We worked a lot both days this weekend. I was kind of hoping today was Wednesday.

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I need to vent. I went in to get my schedule and asked specifically for wed the 21 to Wed the 28 off for my vacation since my mom was in town, did I get this coming wed? NOOOOOOO! She even had me crossed off on the bottom of our schedule for that day off. but on that actual day, I work 8-5. So I called her thinking that it was a goof up and someone else was supposed to be there not me, but she says snottish like, "I didn't know you needed the 28 off too, I just thought you needed a week off". Well dip**** that is why I put on the paper through the 28. then she goes" there isn't anything i can do for you, you need to try and get someone to switch with you, and it's period end so I don't know what to tell you". OHHHH!!!!! I am so mad! I just wanted to call her all sorts of filthy names but I didn't. I just calmly got the rest of my schedule and left.(then growled to S/O when I got into the car.) I mean comeon, she could've said "oops, I thought you only needed thru the 27th off. I'm sorry. well maybe you can switch with someone?" She didn't have to be all rude and snotty about it. the 28 is when my mother goes back to Texas that's why I wanted that day off also.
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Barb, I hope things work out for you in the end. Next time, write out "INCLUSIVE" in big capital letters and ask her if she understands this time. :LOL:

My week-end was so-so. I wasn't feeling well friday night. My sore throat has been dragging on endlessly. Went and got a strep throat swab done, just in case. Came back negative. I kind of had a chuckle on the way out the door. You go to the emergency to get checked out and if they do a strepp throat test, they ask you to wait 15 minutes for the results. Well.....this is the third time in about 6 months that they have to do this test on me. I wait and when they get the result, a nurse comes out and says "Mrs.Smeall, the test was negative". So....I get up and go home. I can just imagine what people are thinking!!! (The only thing I was told is that both my tonsils have grown back. I had heard of this but was hoping it would not happen to me because I spent most of my childhood in and out of the hospital due to tonsil problems.... )

Hubby was crabby all week-end. Have no idea why and he has offered no other explanation other than the typical "I'm just tired". It's really annoying because the boys and I end up being at the receiving end of something we have no idea about. He finally cheered up somewhat on sunday sometime and by then.....I was crabby!

Today was very hectic at work. Didn't even have time to check in here at all.

Hope everyone's week goes well!!!!

Heidi: Keep hubby out of the kitchen!
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