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Color change with age?

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I've only had Odo since June, but his coloring seems to be getting more silver and less brown. The vet and I estimate that he is about 14 years old. Is it common for color-pointed cats to "go grey" with time? If so, what age do they normally start changing color?
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not common but could he be getting fever coat??

I know Nikko didnt get grey but his color faded as he aged .... not sure what age since he was 11 when I was born ... I know my yorkie is getting "grey or a bit silver in her lighter area with age she is nine
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His color is definitely fading--to me it looks silverish compared to the browner color he had in the picture in my signature. I know that my childhood orange tabby's ears had white hairs mixed in as he got older, and my black and white boy, Spot, had white hairs mixed into his black blotches. I figure Odo's color change is probably related to age, but I wasn't sure whether this is a common thing. He's healthy (just had a dental with two canines/fangs pulled)...no fever or hyperthyroidism. He's just losing a bit of color.
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Yes, I've seen it a lot in older dogs and to some extend in cats - usually the darker the color around the face, the more noticable it is (e.g. blacks, dark brown vs. white/cream).
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If he just had dental work to that extent...pulling teeth would indicate an infection, yes? Then I would think that he has run a fever before this was taken care of.....just my opinion
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Actually his temperature has been normal all this time. He needed teeth pulled because the bottom ones were broken (he got to keep the one that was most intact) and one of the top teeth was beginning to develop a pocket behind it. There was never any smell in his mouth, and his temperature was completely normal according to the vet.
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