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I got Lion King tickets today!!

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The Lion King is coming to town next May for a 5 week performance.
This has been hyped up alot locally. Tickets went on sale at 7 am-the parking ramp close to the Performing Art Center opened at 2 am. Sorry I didn't want to wait outside so I called Ticketmaster and got 2 tickets-orchestra seating!!
This is a early Christmas present as Neil wanted to see this. Then we find out tonite that we can turn in the ticket stubs to Neil corporate office and receive 20% of the ticket price!!! That can pay for dinner before the show
Has anyone seen this?? Reviews!!!
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Cool! I've not seen it, but it sounds good from everything I heard before! Have a great time!
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Awww, I'm jealous! That should be a fantastic show!! Good for you, and even better yet you get 20% off!!
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I bet that's going to be GREAT I love the Lion King...Let us know!!!
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I haven't seen it- but my parents have and they both loved it!!!

My mom wanted me to go with her but there was no way I could pay the $300+ and I didn't think it was fair for her to have to buy my ticket... anyway you should have tons of fun! My parents said it's amazing how realistic the costumes are & how they move- you forget they are people acting like animals by the end of the show.

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I saw it with my family a couple of years ago when it was playing in Toronto, and it was great! The staging is fantastic, the costumes are great, and IIRC there were new songs added, too. It's a very energetic performance, and although it's basically the same as the movie, it's enough of its "own thing" that you don't feel like you're paying to see the same old thing. You'll love it, trust me!
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