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I'm getting concerned about my nearly 5 month old Bengal X. He currently weighs 4.5 kgs it sounds like a lot. He is very very solidly built through the neck and shoulders but I'm worried he's getting overweight. Is there such thing as "kitten fat"?. At the moment he's on Advance kitten (the green packet), and he gets 50g of it a morning - the pack says to feed 114g!. And he is on adult wet food because there is alot less fat in it. He gets 1 sachet of that per night. He finishes eating in 0.2 seconds and harassess us in between meals. What should I do?
Btw he's been netured for a long time.
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Here are some pictures of him taken today.

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I will let the bengal breeders chime in for accuracy but to me he looks good....
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From an owner of an officially overweight kitten, he doesn't look overweight to me. Just solidly built/muscular. Can you feel his ribs if you try? You shouldn't have to try too hard to feel them. But the best way to know if he's carrying too much fat is to have a vet check him.

4.5 kg = 9.9 lbs Yeah that's big, but my Siamese mix was about 8 lbs at 5 months and she's built slender. If she was the same size but with a heavier bone structure like your kitty I imagine she'd have been 9+ lbs.
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Lol, "I'm not fat! I'm just big boned" as Cartman from southpark says
Thanks for your help guys.

I can feel his ribs easily and you can tell a little bit from the top pic that his hip bones are quite prominant - I had a fully grown domestic tabby that weighed 4kgs so I just thought it was weird this bloke already weighed 4.5.
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If you can feel his bones easily then there's no way he's fat. It would probably be a good idea to switch him back to kitten food. He'll be needing the nutrients because he's still growing and because he's probably more active than an adult cat. Most people free-feed dry food for kittens, even with a meal of wet provided, as long as they aren't getting fat. I can't because of Lily's diet, but Eve gets a large extra meal otherwise she drops weight quickly.

He's just going to be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig cat.
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Oh my, he's gorgeous for sure! I love this photo:http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k1...a/IMG_5255.jpg

He looks healthy to me. I check my cat's weight by feeling for the fat flabbies that hang between their legs. When Sneakers had her kittens, they were all well-fed and had baby fat for a few months. I'm still working on getting Tobie's baby fat to go away...

Maybe some vigorous play with a laser light will help... a few laps around the house a couple times a day. Godiva lost some weight that way, believe it or not!
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