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Moochie is banished from my lap!

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....for the evening anyway. She is currently sitting by my feet repenting. She is almost always in my lap while I'm at the computer. And quite often interfering with whatever I'm doing on the computer. Well a bit ago she was laying there quietly, not sleeping, just sitting quiet. Then all of a sudden out of no where, she jumps up and scratches the heck out of my leg through my pants! I mean there was blood! I had no indication she was about to do that. I mean none! No tensing up, nothing...nada...zip!

Then she followed me to the bathroom and watched while I cleaned the scratches and applied neosporin. Then she followed me back in here. Goofy girl.
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Awe...poor Moochie and your poor leg...my kittens always scratch me up, but it's because they try to climb up my leg while I'm sitting at the comp. They can't sit still EVER lol.
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She's trying to tell you to get off the computer Sorry you got scratched!!!
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Oh man, that is a daily occurence with Trout ..I guess I've come to expect her freakouts so at least I am prepared

Hopefully your scratches heal quickly
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My kitten likes to watch me type. He'll crouch down and pounce on my fingers. Silly kitties.
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I'm glad my cats don't do the freakout thing, LOL! When I was a kid, my favorite cat (just a moggie) for no reason just spazed out got my neck and face and really gouged my chest (you can still see the scars from ole Charlie My stepmother had a siamese, she jumped up on me when I was lying down and I was petting her and for no reason stuck her claws in either said of my face and bit my lip and chin. Good thing she was so old, she didn't have much left for teeth. So for many years I never had a cat, didn't like them hated siamese (sorry siamese people ) It was probley 10 years I didn't have a cat, I was a dog person. Almost 5 years ago I got a ragdoll, and they are so laid back, I never get bit or scatched even bathing or giving pills! The only problem with them as far as getting scratched is their less then graceful nature My 15 pound girl is the clumsiest thing I have ever seen, and she will fall off my lap, so she will try and catch herself, and I will get scratched then. (when I wear slippery running pants, she can't come up, she will slid off me alot!
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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
(when I wear slippery running pants, she can't come up, she will slid off me alot!
That is so funny! Poor thing!
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Oh, sorry you got scratched! But she could have been responding in her cat-like way to a twitch of muscle movement in your leg that you don't notice. Maybe just me but I think there's always a cause/reason when they do that. I have noticed that my cats do not like it when I sniff. Coughing, even sneezing is okay but not sniffing. I'm guessing that it's a predatory thing and there could be different kinds of sniffing in the cat world -- like butt sniffing is okay but another sniff could be a hungry-hunting sniff or attack sniff. Mere humans don't know the difference. My cat Atticus, the gentlest creature on earth, has never scratched or bitten and I doubt he ever will. But if I sniff when holding him, he cautiously moves away. Another one gave me fair warning with that veil-flick of the eyes. I'm prattling on ..... somebody stop me!
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You just never know with cats, do you! Poor Moochie - she didn't mean to hurt you! She just thought she should be on guard for any mousies crawling up your leg!
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Aw I'm sorry you got scratched!! I hope it heals soon.
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