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Hagrid went home today

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This is the one that made my day. Hagrid is a big ole' black cat with a lazy eye, and at 2 months, was almost to the "unadoptable" point. A shelter supporter even sponsored part of his adoption fee, and he was put in the window pen for high visibility, but it seemed like no one wanted him.

But just about closing time today, Hagrid was adopted, and because he had already been vetted, got to go home tonight.

Hagrid 'da black cat
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WOO HOO!!!! That's great news.
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Yay that's great news. Always glad to hear when a kitty gets rescued.
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Oh YAY! Lucky Hagrid (LOVE the name, btw) - I don't like to think of all the animals who are left in shelters because they don't `look right'. They're usually the ones I go to first!
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It is good to see wonderful kitties go to good homes. I have a soft spot for black cats, and if I could I'd adopt them all.
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Oh that is great...what a great name!!!
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Yay! He is a handsome boy!
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Yippee!!!! hope Hagrid makes his new family very happy!!
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Yippee, Hagrid! Happy Holidays to you, big boy!
I have a one-eyed gimpy cat and she has shown me what the spirit of life is all about.
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