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This made my day!

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I went to a meeting this morning, and as I was walking around the building, I noticed a samll red tabby kitten crawl up on the gas tank of a pickup truck. I walked into the nearest open office, where there were a bunch of people, and asked who owned the truck. This fairly burly looking construction worker said it was his. I told him a kitten was under his truck and he jumped up all excited asking if it was dead. I told him no, it was crawling under his truck, and he bolted out the door. I got outside and he had the kitten hugging it and talking baby talk to it. Apparently it had darted out the door last night and disappeared. He had spent half the night looking for it and was convinced it was gone. It was his girlfriend's cat, but he had been caring for it and was really attatched. I was sooo happy to reunite them. If not, I would have had another cat.
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Hey, you made my day too!!!! Great!!!!!
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Awwww how lovely! Men with cats...ahhhh
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What a nice guy!!!
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Ohhh I love that story!!!!!
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Awwww what a GREAT story!!!
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Great story! Lucky kitty, happy man!

Similar story. A lady was feeding a feral cat with kittens outside her house. One morning she is driving to work and hears faint meowing. She stops and searches the car inside and looks as well as possible underneath. She hears off and of meowing all the way to work, getting totally distressed, looks again, no luck. She worries all day, drives home, parks, gets out and happily watches a tiny terrified kitten leap from the front bumper and dash off to find his mama. The bumper had two small openings, big enough for a wee one.
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Awwwww how sweet! That would make my day, too!
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