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Stray Mom and kittens UPDATE

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You may remeber my post in the SOS forum. Well we managed to get one of the kitten the littlest girl - she is such a sweetie. The good thing was that Mom and Dad were nowhere near, I distracted her with fresh chicken and my mother scooped her up from behind into a towel and off she went into the carrier. The other girl we had our eye on was not cooperating so we had to settle for one for now.

On the ride to the shelter I was driving and my mom sat in the back with her, scratching her and believe it or not feeding her - she actually ate. We stopped off at a CVS and bought a stuffed animal for her to cuttle up with since she would be for sure missing her litter mates.

When pulled into the parking lot if the shelter I almost left again - I did not want to giver her up but I also knew I could not keep her. I took a deap breath and in we went. At first I did not like the lady who greated us, she seemed very
standoffish - I guess to many dump and run cases- but as soon as she noticed that I was a nervouse wreck she warmed up. That weekend they had already adopted 3 cats - which is good news for "Sweetie" ok we named her (could not help ourselves) I asked to make sure that they were no-kill and she replied that the only reason they would euthanize is if she was seriously ill with Leukemia, etc. otherwise they would provide any medical care needed and then put her up for adoption. When I handed her over I barely contained myself from crying until I got into the parking lot - but I have to remember that this is the only way she would have a chance for a good home. I will check on her on Wednesday and will visit on Saturday.

Were working on the others and hope to get them as well..

Hissy I don't know how you do it - I am still and emotional wreck when I think about her and as I am typing this.
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You rescued that kitty and that is the most important thing to remember. You have given that kitten a good chance at life and I applaud you for that. It is not easy to do rescue work, but if no one did it, can you imagine all the cats that would be in risk and die an early and needless death?

Hugs ((((((((((((())))))))))))))
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Hell603: You've done the best thing you could... recognized your own limitations and given Sweetie the best start she could possibly have... the very real possibility of a forever home.

Well done.
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Job well done, Hell603.
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Thanks I needed that!!!! One thing I do not understand is that Mom did not to miss her. She did not go looking for her at all. Hmmm????

According to my mom only her sister seems to look for her.
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Helen you did a great thing for little Sweetie. Now she has the best chance for a forever home, and forever love.
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Actually that behaviour is common in feral kitties. Moms easily accept the fact that the kitten is no longer there unless they can smell them. Then, it is a whole different story! Maybe because in the wild a tom will raid a litter of kittens and shake the babies till they die to bring mom back into heat so he can mate again. A survival factor the moms have to sadly get used to?

Once again- you did a GREAT service to this kitten!
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You are an angel for rescuing this kitten!!!! Good job!!!
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