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Frontline Plus help, please

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So, Georgia has had fleas for a month now. She's indoor-only, so someone must have tracked the little buggers in. As soon as we spotted them, we followed all house-scrubbing/vacuuming directions, and went to the vet to get some Frontline Plus.
Georgia's fur is extraordinarily thick, so thick that we weren't sure that most of the Frontline was touching skin. It seemed like the flea problem died down, but within a week I was back to finding at least one flea every time I combed her. I'm wondering whether the Frontline didn't work so well because not enough of the stuff came into contact with her sebaceous glands. Now it's time to reapply, and I want to make certain that every last drop is touching skin-- much easier said than done. Has anyone else ever had a problem with this? What have you tried? Would there be anything wrong with, say, painting the Frontline on in various lines between her shoulder blades with a Q-Tip or something? I want the fleas out of the house and off of my cat!
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You could try putting it under his front leg in the pit part if you think it would be easier to get it on the skin there. I've had that concern with some of mine in the past, thinking I got more on hair than skin.

If you encounter the same problem after this application than you may want to try switching to Advantage of Revolution. I've read that Frontline has been around so long that some fleas seem to be kind of resistant.
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I used Frontline a few times and didn't find it to work near as well as Advantage does. As recommended above you might want to try Advantage or Revolution.
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Rotating the products does seem to help sometimes. After using Advantage for a while, I found that it wasn't working, so I switched to Frontline Plus and had more success.
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