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Pinky is a little over a year old. She has only been into heat like three or four times that I can think of.

She is also pretty small. She looks very small compared to the other cats and I would say she weighs about five pounds. Is this a normal weight for a kitty? Should she have gone into heat more times than this? Before I got her mama cat fixed (hunny bun) Hunny bun seemed like she never went out of heat. Maybe for about two weeks out of three months.

I have also taken pinky to the vet before and she didnt see anything wrong with her. This was when she was about 7 months old though.
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I think some cats go into heat more than others.
I've had cats that are very small with 5 or 6 lbs. being their top weight. Some are small and some are large. Just the way it is with living beings. :-)

Is there a reason you haven't gotten Pinky spayed yet? It would be much healthier for her to get fixed and you wouldn't have to worry about uterine and mammary cancers among other potential problems that can befall intact cats.
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My boyfriend got laid off and I have had to pay lots of bills that I normally wouldnt. I plan on getting her spayed the week before Christmas when I have three days of vacation. I am going to take her to the spca and I want to be home with her because they send the kitties home still drugged. I felt so bad for hunny bun when I got her spayed.

She also has a couple of spots that need to heal that she has been scatching. I took her to the vet for it and she has been given antibiotics and had to wear a cone for a bit.
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You need a different spay clinic ... today most cats are nearly themselves within24-48 hours and they dont act drugged as a genereal rule...
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Alot of cats have a "silent heat". Thats what out Bobber had before spayed. Do symptoms physically however the local tom cats must have known differently.
Does this clinic that you took you cat do send the cat home the same day as the spay??
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This clinic did send the kitty home the same day. Hunny bun acted drugged for about a day and a half and then she was fine. Except for the other cats freaking about her and they way she smelled different.
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A touch of vanilla extract under all kittys noses fixes the "u" smell different problem
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i would have never thought of that. I guess that is one way to go.
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