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Ari is a Miracle!!

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Must share this miraculous story:

Ari came to me as a foster back in July & diagnosed with CH (cerebellar hypoplasia). I was told he would never be able to jump, would have problems w/litter box, food, water, walking, etc.

Ari, who is now 5 months old and no longer a foster (he is home & always has been) can eat & drink balanced like a giraffe at a watering hole...has graduated from a ferret litter tray to a real adult litter box w/real litter and has learned to do this...

I couldn't believe my eyes!! Ari has learned to drag himself up successfully into our cat condo!! He can even get down all by himself!! Amazing!! It literally brought tears to my eyes!! My little miracle boy has overcome so many things...a true much heart and such a sweet little boy!!
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That just brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful picture and story.

Do I see him smiling?
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go kitty go kitty!!!!
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More piccies, more piccies!
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That is wonderful, and he is a doll
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Ari is a real Champion, and a role model. What a couragious little guy he is. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY, and Ari has a lot of will in him.
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Oh what a little sweety..that really is a miracle. And you are amazing for giving this little amazing one a home
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aww. That is wonderful!
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Oh precious little boy.
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Oh so sweet! What a little darling!
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Awww Ari is such a cutie! I'm glad he found you!
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Awww! He's looking at you saying "Look what I did!"

He's sweet. I'm so glad he has a loving home
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What a great home you gave him! He obviously looks as comfortable as could be, regardless of physical challenges! A definite smile on his face!
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awe that is so precious that picture story did bring tears to my eyes as well o my goodness, that is such great news though
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Aww, how wonderful!!
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What a sweetie. That is great.
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