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Talking to our cats

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Did you see the results of this week's cat poll?


Do you talk to your cat?

All the time 96.5% (110)

Only when we're alone 1.8% (2)

Never 0.0% (0)

Don't have a cat 1.8% (2)

Total votes: 114


I wonder what our cats think about us - we seem to talk to them all the time ...
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I am so happy to see I am not alone in talking to my cats. In my house, you would think they are my kids. For my Birthday next year, I have asked my husband to hire a somewhat local woman who can talk to animals. I am hoping to get an idea of how happy they are with us. Although they talk back to me in several ways, I would like to better understand them. Anybody ever want to know the same thing?
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Yes I do!!! And I also talk to my cats....I call Merlin my "kid" and I say things like, "Moma's going to feed you pretty soon" or... "Leave Daddy's feet alone"....not sure what my hubby thinks about being refered to as the kittens "daddy" LOL
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I also say things like that...

My husband adores the cat and he also refers to them as our children, so that's okay.

It's their grandmothers (my mom and his) that get upset when we tell them about their sweet little four-legged grandchildren ...
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I bought my mom a shirt that sais.."Ask me about my grandkitties." We also use the terms like go see mom or dad. I really think most real cat lovers think of them as children!!!!
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I agree!! They are my babies!!!!
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It's funny how some people think it odd to talk to your cats. We ( my husband and I ) talk to them all the time. I have 2 actual children and three cats whom are all females. They are my girls and that is what I call them, my girls. I know the children enough to know when to ask if they have bishaved that day so when I come home form work the first thing I say to my hubby is, how were the girls today! People laugh at me because I have invented a language that me and the "girls " share, you know I have also heard that when you talk to your animals that it prolongs their life as well, true or not I love to talk to them! It makes all of us happy!
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I think that is cute!! "How were the girls today?" And I see nothing odd about it myself...but then...I also baby talk my cats....lol
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Last night I was up here holding my pregnant kitty. I was talking to her and rubbing her belly (yes, she was even drooling) and my husband looked over and asked me why I don't talk to him like that. My response was simply these guys do not talk back and give me lip. I think my cats know more of my secrets than he does!!!
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I like that answer!!!
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I have 6 kitties and one foster kitty and yes, like all of you, I talk to them. I consider all of them my kids. My daughter Amy has her cat Callie Ann who I call my grandkitty. Everytime I call my daughter, she puts Callie on the phone so I can say hi. People at work think I'm nuts, but whenever she hears my voice she meows and rubs against the phone. You can't tell me they don't understand. Hey Sandie, tell Ken I think his jealousy is endearing. He's just envious. And besides, Emmelith deserves it. Afterall, she pregnant.
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I take it you two know each other.. Welcome to the forums Donna!
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Welcome Donna!

You know, my mom has a cat now (more of a kitten really he's 5 months old). I rescued him off the streets and my sister fell in love with him and decided she wants to adopt him. My sister still lives at home (she's at high school), so now my mom is really the one who fusses over the cat all the time. Whenever we talk on the phone she insists that I say hello to little Kiki (I'm very happy to of course).

I don't know what this makes him though, my feline adopted brother?
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Hi everyone!

Yes, Sandie and I and her husband Ken are friends. We show our household pets together. We also belong to the same rescue organization. Wonderful people. Nutty too, that's why I like them so much.

I love talking to my cats. I'm very lucky when I come home at night after work and they are all there to greet me (and beg to be fed, of course). I call them my Welcoming Committee. Rescued cats I believe are the best because they are so affectionate and greatful that they have a "human valet" to care for them and love them unconditionally.
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We sure are glad you joined us!!!
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