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Any idea why Remy has chosen to pee on my bathroom rug?

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This weird behavior started about 2 months after his mom died. He is a good litter box user. I have had him to the vet twice no uti, in fact he is great shape. I got him another cat which he adores, so I thought this behavior was over. The rugs were replaced with new ones. I've tried putting boundry on them, etc. etc. And just like that he will either poop or pee on them...then cover it. Which is interesting because he has never covered anything in his litter box. I can live without throw rugs in my bathroom but i am worried he might do this somewhere else in the house, any suggestions?
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Bathroom rugs have special attractive powers for kitties. There is something about the way the rubber backing smells that makes them want to use the rug as a toilet. Good for your for getting your kitty checked for UTIs, as that is often a problem as well. You might look into getting a rug without the same rubber backing and put it down after cleaning the floor beneath the rug with an enzymatic cleaner.
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Maybe the rugs have an odor that he doesn't like. I read in one of the stickies on this forum that sometimes rugs have a rubber backing that they don't like. Or perhaps he has decided that he prefers the feeling of scratching on the rug more than scratching in the litter. You might find something helpful in this thread if you haven't read it already. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9563

Didn't mean to be repetitive cloud shade, you replied while I was typing.
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This is your kitty's way of saying that he does not like the type of litter you are using. Cats are less likely to cover when using a litter that they do not like. The fact that he covers with the rug shows his preference.

What kind of litter are you using? You might consider trying something totally different from it (preferrably a type that doesn't smell). You need something that he will prefer over the rug. It is most likely an odor thing. If the litter smells like something he doesn't feel like he should be going on then he will try to avoid it.

Unfortunately, if you don't get a litter he approves of he will continue to look for excuses to miss the box until you do. His litter box usage will fluctuate depending on his mood.
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thank you one and all. apparently, the rugs must be the culprits!!! I am going to buy some without the rubber backing. I don't think its the litter because he uses it in all of the litter boxes. The not covering thing, was with every litter I ever tried. I think he's is just lazy. And he covers it with the rug because he is smart and knows I am not going to like what I will find.
So back to the rugs...which I washed in bleach, figuring that would get any smell out. I also bleached my bathroom floor and rinsed it with vinagar. which probably is another no no.
seems there arent any disinfectants that I can use...i do so love bleach!
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Ah!! Bleach is a big attractant too. My boyfriend's cat pees on freshly bleached clothes some times. I would look for an enzymatic cleaner, like Nature's Miracle or Petastic to clean up the urine. Bleach and vinegar are more likely to encourage the cat to pee in that spot.
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I have always had a problem with Ellie and bathroom rugs, and I have tried a number of different kinds, washing them in enzyme cleaner, spraying them with Cat-Off and with lemon juice. She uses the litter boxes fine as well, but there is just something about a bathroom rug that is irresistible. Now I simply keep the rug off the floor when not in use as a bathmat, and also try to remember to shut the door.
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Sweety would always pee on any rug or towel on the bathroom floor, no where else though!
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Mmm,thats odd. I knew cats were attracted to bleach,that is why they advise to put a few drops of bleach in the kittylitter tray, when you take the cat home. Apparently it smells like cat-pee to them, cause of the amoniac smell. But here in Belgium I cannot find products with enzymes in it and I do use vinegar. One part vinegar and two parts water will usually do the trick. And as far as I have read vinegar actually repels them, since they do not like the acidic smell, same as lemony-smells. I have had a peeing problem in the house for nine months myself( it is sorta solved now), and they do not necessarily return to that spot, as far as I can see.

Does anyone have bad experiences with vinegar?
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Bleach is highly toxic for cats(all animals)!!!!!!!! Never directly apply any bleach, even cleaners with, to any surface your cats contact without thoroughly cleaning any bleach residue off of!!!!!
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I have noticed that just about any cleanser I use on the floor sparks my cat to scratching at the area and sends me scurrying to hot water rinse it until it seems clear to him because I obviously don't want him to get any ideas. Is this behavior indicative it's urine-like to him?
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