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My poor boy!

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My dad uses a cane, and it was resting on the stairs. Somehow, it fell on Quill (I think he was doing his daily races around the house), the hook end caught his neck and Quill panicked. He ran down the basement with the cane still around his neck and I had to go find him ... He managed to get the darned thing off but he didn't come upstairs for about twenty minutes. He was pretty jittery, and still is ... Poor babyboy ... I love him dearly but he's not the most er - agile kit around...! I'm giving him some extra loving right now. He's still a little scared, but he's coming around.
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awwwww poor baby.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. It had a box inside of one of those large mailing bags. Kiko decided to get inside the bag and started going in circles, inside the bag. The next thing I know, Kiko inside the bag, fell off the table. Him and I were both startled. He ran off and I went after him to see if he was ok. He was, but did not want to go near that bag again. Our kitties can get into some strange situations sometimes.
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