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Do you live in an apartment or a house?

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Sometimes I think it would be easier to live in an apartment again!
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I live in a house just renting though want to buy a house with in the next few years now that my hubby dont have to move around on his job now.
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We live in an apartment. Its okay, I mean I LOVE our building and our apartment, but sometimes I wish we lived in a house of our own, so we could paint and decorate as we wish, (and of course have more cats ) But all in all, the living expenses here are definately lower than a house! So in the end, its probly best being here for now
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I live in a house.

But Willie has a three storie apartment (as I call it-its realy a homemade cat tree) !!!!
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Apartment for now. Not many can afford to buy a house here in LA. The tiny ones start at 1 million. When we move east we'll buy a house one day. I can't wait to paint and do whatever I want to a place.
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I live in a house. It's not my house though, my boyfriends parents own it and we pay $400 a month to rent a bedroom and computer room in it.
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We own one half of a duplex, but our half is about the same size as a regular house.
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Three years ago we built a house on my granddaddy's land. I grew up here, and it is near the river, so we are both very happy.
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Other- I live in a trailer, about the size and price of an apartment, but I have a yard and can do whatever I want to the place including having 13 cats
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I now live in a house and really love the privacy, but I do miss my apartment. I lived in an apartment for 13 years and... well this is different and taking a little bit of getting used to for me....
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We live in a house.
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We live in a house (semi-detached). We were in an apartment for a few months while we were renovating here, and I hated it. I like having a yard, private entrances, and being able to bring in the newspaper/mail in my robe.
Not to mention being able to be raise my voice without having zig people eavesdropping.
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I live in a tiny one bedroom. It's nice when we clean it because it takes less than an hour, but I really want to own something.
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I live in an apartment now but we will be moving into a house in the new year
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I live in a 2 bedroom duplex. My neighbors are pretty nice. Their an older couple that are renting while their house is being built. They have a sheltie named Noel and a couple of cats.
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I live in an apt. I can't wait until I can afford to get a house. I'll get more dogs. Another Malamute and maybe a rott or a pit, someone to do obedience or agility with. I'd get more cats, except I don't think Harriet likes other cats.
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We live in a house - when we downsize, an apartment will be our next home - but I dont know what I´ll do about kitties all my kits are outdoor furbies. I always say when they are over the Bridge we´ll move, but I think if I lost one, I´d just have to have another kitty ! like a Bengal - oh yep
So it looks like I´m staying in a house
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I picked other because I live in an apartment but I own it. Here it is called a “garden style†condo. This is silly because it’s on the third floor and I have no garden.

The people who live on the first floor don’t have gardens either but some can look out and see grass.
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House - built by my maternal grandfather about 1930. Only place I've ever lived.
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I live with my parents still, in the house I've grown up in. It's a heckuva lot cheaper than rez, and a whole heckuva lot cheaper than renting an apartment around here. It's really easy to get to school, and I can keep as many critters as I want.
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We live in a house
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Other. I live in a 5 bedroom double wide trailer....we bought it new
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A house ... recently got the patio side fixed up so that I can let the cats out in safety. Now that the season has changed, the end with the sun goes to shade by 2:00. But at least they can have a bit of nature without worry.
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I live in a compartment...Oh, I mean an apartment
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Apartment but we are starting to look at houses in the next year because we have one more year left on our lease and then Oscar can have a brother or sister
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I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a fellow nursing student. At the end of the school year me and Patrick will finally be moving in together, but will probably still be in an apartment. We are staying here in our college town for a year or so after I graduate, b/c we will be able to save more money (price of living is way cheaper) then we will move to our hopefully permanent city where we grew up. Once there we will start looking for a house when we have the money!
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We're in a house. I couldn't imagine not having lots of gardens! I would go nuts!
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I live an apartment in a two family house. My religious community owns the house which is how I get away with having four kitties. I love it most of the time, because we have the freedom to decorate however we want, but we're also responsible for the yardwork.
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We live in a three-bedroom duplex (aka semi-detached) It's a good size and has garden front and back. We rent, because there's no way we could afford to buy where we want to live.
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We own our trailer...well almost. Technically it still belongs to the bank! If you've ever seen the pic of my study, you can see that we have clearly outgrown it, but it's ours nevertheless! I would be completely unhappy in an apartment, so this is fine for now. We hope to be in a house before too long. 2 1/2 years max!
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