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Canned tuna fish for cats!!??

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Hello, my cats have run out of food!! I was just wondering if it is ok to feed them tuna fish, just to hold them off until I run to the pets mart and get them the special prescription diet c/d cat food that one of my cats needs for a urinary problem. Please reply!!
Thank you,
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In a pinch, you can feed it (preferably water-packed), but don't make a habit out of it.
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I have read that you shouldn't feed fish to cats who are prone to urinary tract infections (anyone can feel free to chime in here). Feeding it for one meal may not hurt but your cats won't starve if they get a late meal.
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I agree with Jcat

If a cat is prone to UTI s then avoid fish as much as possible as it is usually high in magnesium and phosphorus
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Here's a little bit of info about tuna and cats: http://www.lenhumanesoc.org/Tips/ASPCA-Tuna.htm Jamie loves "human-grade" tuna, and I give it to him as a treat on holidays or his birthday. I've also used it to tempt sick cats to eat. There's nothing wrong with keeping a few cans of water-packed tuna on hand for emergencies, but it's not something that should be fed exclusively or on a regular basis. You can also keep frozen, boned chicken or turkey breasts on hand for those times you've run out of cat food. They can be thawed out and cooked in the microwave in just a few minutes.
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They will be fine for one meal, my two occasionally have it as a treat. they are 10 healthy and love tuna. If it is in brine make sure there is plenty of water available for them.
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