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My sister could use your prayers and thoughts

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I previously mentioned in a daily thread that my sister got bit about 8 years ago by one of her ferals when she was taking her to the vet to be spayed. Although she treated the wound, she wound up in the hospital with a bad case of cat scratch fever and lost the use of her right arm for several months until drug therapy and physical therapy helped her regain it. They recently did an MRI of the same arm because it had developed a very painful lump and they found that the bone contained one of the cat's teeth so they did surgery yesterday to remove the tooth and file down the bone mass.

When they got inside and had a look around, they discovered that Nance had a tumor as well so they biopsied it and have determined that she has osteosarcoma which is a form of bone cancer. My parents have left today to be by her side for a week while she figures out her options. Anyway, Nancy could use your prayers, I understand the survival rate of this fluctuates between 50-85% depending on how advanced it is. My parents are extremely upset, and at their age they should not travel, but are going anyway. (MY father has failing health and my mother has a heart condition) Any prayers spared would be welcome.

Thank you
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Prayers and positive energy being sent to your sister and also to your parents.
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Hissy - Of course! I wish your mom and dad a safe journey and I wish your sister confidence in her decisions regarding treatment. They will be in my prayers.
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Good thoughts on the way Hissy!
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Good thoughts to you and your family
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prayers coming from MD
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Good thoughts coming from IL. I hope your sister makes it through this and that your parents stay healthy on their trip.
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Oh goodness, that is such a difficult situation. Of course, you have all my good thoughts, well wishes, and positive energy coming to all of your family.
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prayers have been sent out your way, and more will coming soon. God bless.
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Sending prayers for both your sister and your parents. Maybe the site will work its magic yet again!
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Any news on your sister? She is probably lucky to have had the cat related operation as with it they found her cancer! Hopefully they caught it early enough to do some good! My prayers are headed her way!
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I am still waiting to hear from my parents. They will call when they get more news other than what I have already been told. I imagine they won't have much more to add until they come back home. Please keep all of them in your prayers if you would. My sister is 50 years old, not that it matters, but just so you know. She just got her doctorate as well this year and was ready to continue to conquer the world.
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OMG - of course on the most positive of thoughts and prayers coming her way!!!
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Prayers and positive thoughts coming to Nancy, you and your family.
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Sending positive thoughts for you and your family.
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Tremendous positive thoughts coming from IA!!!!!!
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Healing energy to you and yours!
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Good thoughts going to you & your family!
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Sending Angels & Prayers to Nancy and all the family. :angel2: :angel2:
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Sending warm and healing thoughts to Nancy and your Mum and Dad, all the way from Australia.
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Many, many prayers are going up from me for your sister, and also your parents as well....please keep us posted!!!!
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