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Loveable middle-aged rescued female cat, terrible past...WV

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I hate to be posting this as I would love to keep Cleo, but she needs a more stable household right now (Some of you may have read my earlier post about her mental instability) I am worried about her...

Cleo is a female cat, spayed and declawed, I believe to be between the ages of 5 and 9. I rescued her from a home of people I know who are becoming more and more poor and have around 12 cats. Cleo was constanlty picked on and hassled by the other cats, and so will almost not function correctly mentally at all if another cat shares her home. She must be an only cat. She was also abused and very neglected at her home before the crowded cat home. Those people threw her outside, a declawed cat, and let fleas eat her up, and beat her. The crowded cat home rescued her, but obviously that home wasn't going to work out either. I need to find her a new suitable Home A S A P because I allready have a young male cat, who is very gentle and patient with her but she still can not learn to live with him. She uses to litter box without problem, but if another cat is around sometimes she will not. I do NOT have the time and energy for this right now (though I would any other time in my life) because I am in my third hard year of college and I have a job and an apartment to keep up, not to mention my other pets. Cleo is SO SWEET and LOVES people, anyone lol, she is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. But she needs a stable household with no other cats, not my household that will be moving shortly etc. I always refuse to take any animals to the shelters, but I am running out of options with Cleo. Please god help me, I will never forgive myself if I take her to the shelter, but what else can I do? I do not have the environment she would thrive in.

I live in southern west virginia, and can drive to meet if need be. Please help me give this sensitive, loveable middle-aged cat who has had a terrible past a new future. I want to help her. Email or call me for more details on Cleo.

(304) 384-9168
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I'm sorry. I hope you find a good home for Cleo. I have five myself, so I'm not a candidate. You and she are in my prayers.
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KittenKiya's Clan wishes we could help too. I have 4 inside. Darn!!!!
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Sending lots of prayers that you find a home for this sweet girl. I wish it could mine, but I've got a full house already too.
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I have 4 too. and just gave up 2 feral kits I tamed down and worked to make "social". Crying the whole time I gave them up, because I can never get them back (probably) even if they DO go up for adoption. My heart goes out to Cleo. I hope you find just one person - have you considered a senior program that matches seniors with animals? Sounds like she would make a lovely cat for a shut in, or older person in need of a companion?

Just a thought
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