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How smart is your kitty

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Tavia is such a smart girl she just walked into my room rubbed on my leg and then walked to the opening of the hallway. She then meowed and looked towards the bathroom when I asked her if she was hungry she headed towards the bathroom and then turned and meowed at me like come on meowmy I am waiting. So I am just wandering if anyone else has kitties that smart. Which I know you do cats are very smart.
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I would say Trout is a smart girl..She plays fetch..and she knows that if she brings something to mommy, mommy will throw it for her and of course she brings it back everytime too...I think it takes a smart cat to realize that.
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KittenKiya taught himself to fetch. Tammy-Timmy can open my bedroom door (AAARRRRGGGHHH)
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I always think mine are very smart. Kiko does play fetch and brings me a bottle cap to throw for him. I can say to any of them "let me see your belly" and they will roll over to get some belly love Or I can be in a room and say "Kiko come here" and he comes (all of my babies do this). I can asked them "are you a good baby or you a bad baby?" and they all answer "Meow"

At night when I say "lets go nite nite", they all come running and get in the bed
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Willie was always very smart...until the operation.

But then after a while, he started to get smart again. And i realized that without his initial smarts...he may not have made it as far as he has!

He knows the kitchen is FOOD.
He goes in the bathtub when there's no water dish close
He'll knock comething out of my hand, then head down to the floor for it!

I'd say he's pretty smart!
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Quill is smart in a more observant way. He won't do anything for you unless you do it first to show him. He will come when you call him now, which is good, because for a few months he would just sit and stare.
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