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Scratching problem

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Hello everyone again,

I have one more problem with my kitties I was wondering about. Currently my wife and I will let our kitties sleep with us fairly often. We usually end up having to put them out of the room, because they want to play at around 1am. A little while after we do, they will come back to the door, and stick their paws under the door and claw at the hardwood. Or if they can grab it , they will pull the rug under the door and start destroying it. This is VERY annoying because if we let them back in, in about 30 minutes they will start playing again. Do you have any idea on how we could get them to stop doing this?
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Cats hate doors. You could put a strip of duct tape along the bottom of the door from the inside such that if they reached under their paw would hit the sticky side (cats don't like tape). But, they would probably just start scratching the door and meowing.

Another thing you could do is leave the door open, but wear them out real good (with toys on strings and such) right before you go to sleep and give them a meal at this point so they will not wake you for food.
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In some other threads I saw the vacuum cleaner trick being mentioned: have the vacuum right outside the door, turned on and unplugged, with the cord running under the door. When they start 'misbehaving' at the door, plug in the cord for 2 seconds.

I haven't tried it yet since I don't have this problem (knock on wood ), but something tells me it could be quite effective indeed
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They will learn to adapt to your scedule soon, but right now they re just too young still. make sure you play them to sleep before you go to bed, feed them and let them settle. Also, idd, provide some toys in case they should wake up. And do not give them any attention during the night. IF necessary, buy some earplugs.
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