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Urinating Problem

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Hello all,

I have a little bit of a problem. My wife and I adopted two beautiful kittens from the animal shelter about 7 months ago, a male and a female from the same litter. We love both of our cats dearly. We are both students, and as such every several weeks our schedules change. We have a futon we bought and our cats loved to lie on it. A little while back I was on my school break so I was at home every day for 3 weeks. After I started going back to school, our male kitty started to urinate on the futon mattress. Then the female started to as well! We cleaned it and then put it back, but they did it immediately again. We thought there might be bladder problems so we took them in and had them examined. There was no medical problem at all, so we are thinking maybe they were just showing their anxiety at the change in the schedule. What do you think?
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What kind of litter are you using? How many litter boxes do you have? Are they clean? Did you recently change litter brands?

Yes, the male was upset about your not being there all the time. After he went on the futon you most likely didn't get the urine completely out. If there is even a hint of urine there he will use it again. This also caused the female to use the spot.

You need to clean off the futon really good and let it dry in a place where they can't get to it.

Also, cats are less likely to have accidents, even when stressed, when their litter boxes are kept clean, and when they have a litter they like. When your cats are in the box do they dig around for a while sending litter flying (this means they like it), or do they just get in, go real fast, and then get out without covering?
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we live in a tiny 550 sq ft apartment. I have read that I need 2 litter boxes even if they still share one. However there is really no other place to keep a second litter box. It would have to be literally right next to it. Since this is the case we have only one box. We do keep it clean, by what you stated they like the litter. (they throw it everywhere!) Can you suggest a good cleaner /cleaning procedure to remove the urine from the futon?
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Nature's Miracle is the best cleaner to use IMO, or Nok-Out.

Also, they make litterboxes that look like furniture. Basically come in a wooden cabinet. Check Here
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You need to indeed remove the scent. I usually use vinegar with water, and a spray to keep the pets off( dont have enzyme cleaners in our country). We also have a plastic sheet on the couch, so that if they have an accident, it is easier to clean up. Then you need to retrain your cats. Try getting a feliway spray at the pharmacy.
The reason i suggest feliway is because your problem started when they missed you. That means they are trying to mark the spot you sat probably most on when at home, and mix their scent with yours. Feliway gives them a soothing feeling and 'marks' the couch in their eyes (it simulates the pheromones they rub on you by cuddling, it is a gentler way of marking).

As for the trays, if possible, put a second one in, even if it is next to the other one. There are cats that dont want to go after eachother ( and they are at that stage where they are getting sexually and territorially mature), or that like to use one box for urinating and the other one for number 2.
Also, try to give them more attention when you get home. Play with them, interactively. Pull a string along the floor, use a fishing pole, use catnip. That way they will destress and also know you havent forgotten about them, just because you aint home all the time.
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I like "Get Serious" for a cleaner. I have tried almost all of the kinds they sell at Petsmart and this is the only one that made it so the kitties didn't remark, or stain my rug. It is made to actually remove the problem rather than to neutralize or cover the smell. Problem is... sometimes the urine will soak way down.. since this is a futon mattress you're dealing with you will need to soak the entire part of the mattress with the spot on it in a tub of water and give it a good scrubbing with the cleaner.
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