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For the Harry Potter Fans

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Ok, if you've read the books, I know you're familiar with the concept of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Did you know they now officialy exist? I found them at Borders, and couldn't resist getting a box to show my best friend, also an avid Harry fan. We nibbled them while on vacation at the beach...they really have the weird flavors! we split a black pepper one in half (really tastes like peppper), and it was pretty gross. I ate a grass flavored one, and felt nausous for about an hour. Poor Emily popped a vomit bean into her mouth thinking it was bubblegum, and got a nasty surprise. we spent the car ride to dinner downing grapes, gum, and after dinner mints in a desperate attempt to lose the disgusting aftertastes. after those two, we decided we'd had enough. they also have booger, dirt, ear wax, sardine, and spinach, but I have lost the desire to experiment any further.
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LOL! that is hilarious that they made these! I'm not adventurous enough to try them!
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Walgreen's had those, last Christmas. We, also, has chocolate Galleons, Knuts and Sickles. They all sold pretty quickly. A lot of our Jewish customers bought the coins, for Hanukkah gelt.
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I love Harry Potter, but I think I will pass on the Bott's!
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Wow are you adventurous! Thank you for letting us try them vicariously through you though. Didn't know they existed, but I'd have been tempted to try if I saw them - thanks for sparing me! LOL!
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