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Cat Vomiting for 3 Days

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My 3 year old red tabby, Frances, has been throwing up for three days. Well, he threw up a lot on Wed. and Thurs., but his stomach was empty by Fri. and he only threw up a little. He's been totally lethargic, just laying on the couch, not eating, not drinking.

I took him to the vet yesterday. The vet said that his temp was normal and he was just a little dehydrated. He gave him a shot and some pills to help his stomach. That was Friday. Friday night I gave Frances a pill. I was really worried about the dehydration thing so I gave him a little water with a baby bottle (i.e. I squirted it down his throat). A few minutes later, he threw it right back up again.

Saturday morning and no change...Frances spent the night on the eating, no drinking, total lethargy. No vomiting, at least, since his stomach is empty.

By the way, Frances is in INDOOR ONLY cat. Vet said that it's unlikely to be a parasite, and I have another cat that's totally fine. Everything, I guess, sort of leans toward him eating something, but if that's the case, how long before he gets it out of his system and feels better???

WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!
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If Frances was my kitty, I'd insist the vet check him again. At the very least, the poor thing needs fluids. Sub-q fluids can also be done at home, and are a lot easier to administer than you might think. Also, the longer he goes without eating, the higher his risk of liver problems.
If the first vet isn't co-operative or concerned, I'd find another.
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I'd be hauling that cat back to the vet and insisting that he have a very thorough checking over with IV fluids and nutrition. There's obviously something wrong. It could be anything from a gassy tummy to an obstruction.

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I agree if he's not showing any signs of improvement I would take him back to be re-evaluated. If your vet can't find anything, maybe you should take him elsewhere for a second opinion.
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I hope he's okay!! He could have a blockage of some sort..maybe he ate something he shouldn't have I would insist on more tests and an x-ray to be safe!
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He needs to go to the vet's ASAP, and not for a 30 second once-over either. Something is not right.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
He needs to go to the vet's ASAP, and not for a 30 second once-over either. Something is not right.
I would try another vet also /.//
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I'm in agreement, a second opinion is in order. I would take your kitty to an emergency vet clinic.
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It worries me that your vet didn't put him on IV fluids after three days of vomiting. Is there another vet you can see at that practice? How old is your cat?
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The same EXACT thing happened to my Trout...they put her on IV for the weekend, and she was good as new. We think it was because she ate some flowers that upset her stomache.

Your kitty needs to go back to the vet until she is BETTER.
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Something about that vet's check-up and treatment seem a bit off to me--definitely not thorough enough. Please get a second opinion. It sounds like your kitty could use some fluids asap. I'm new to this forum but maybe people you know or other forum members could recommend reputable vets in your area??
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My cat Rusty vomits for two or three days at a time. The first time it happened I had them do a barium (sp?) series. Turned out to be a hairball that was taking it's sweet time passing through. He's very heavy and generally doesn't hack them up. Where he's concerned, I usually start him on Lax right away when it happens and then give it a couple days. Any of the others I'd probably have back in to the vet after that long with no improvement. What was the shot for? And what exactly were the pills? Did he do any bloodwork?
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I agree with everyone else. Your cat needs a vet and fast! Any cat that is vomiting and isn't eating for that long is in serious trouble.
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All right, I'm taking him back!!! He's STILL throwing of last that's Wed - Thurs - Fri - Sat - Sun, all vomiting. He's drinking lots of water but I agree that he probably needs an x ray. I'll update in a few days!
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The poor baby; hope the vet finds (does) something for him this time. Be insistent, sweetie---don't let him send your boy home until/unless you're totally satisfied with this vet's visit. Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) to your precious kitty.
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I'd get a blood panel done as well as a urinalysis as well.
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My mom's cat has the same thing. She's been throwing up saliva, not food. She hasn't been eating. The vet put her on IV's and took an x-ray and did blood work. He said everything is OK, no liver or kidney problems, stomach was empty. He gave her a shot to calm the nausea and a shot of anti-inflammatory in case there was inflammation somewhere. Mom is keeping her isolated for a couple days to monitor eating, litter box, etc. She gave her some A/D food, and put it right next to her under the bed. Hopefully she will be OK, but if after a couple more days she's not better, mom needs to make a decision. She's on a fixed income and the bills are already $500. I'm helping her but we can't afford much more in diagnosis. This was a rescue kitty, about 3-4 years old, very sweet, but excitable. Totally freaked out at the vet. Nasty when trying to get her in the carrier. Not feral, but high strung. I'd hate to see her put down for something that is most likely not serious, but she just doesn't have the money. It's making me physically ill. Please send kitty prayers to Sadie so that she gets well.
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One other thought. When I switched my older kitty to a Nutro product, she started throwing up. Took her to the vet where they discovered that she had gas in her tummy, so eventho she was hungry and wanted to eat, it really didn't have anywhere to go but back up because of the gas. He gave her a shot of something along the lines of pepcid, and I switched her back to her old food. She was right as rain in just a few days! She's not thrown up since either.

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Please send kitty prayers to Sadie so that she gets well.
Have you or your Mom tried assisted-feeding with Sadie? You can't let her go too long without eating. Sending many, many kitty prayers Sadie's way.
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