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My RB kitty Byron

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We found a film on the weekend and decided to get it developed since we haven't used a film camera in aaaaaaages!

So on it we found a pic of our RB kitty Byron. We was such a special cat, and I don't know if any kitty could ever live up to our Byron. He was bitten by a snake, and died down the side of our house on his own with nobody there to comfort him

Anyway, so this is our handsome boy.

And these are a couple of old pics and why we loved him so much

He was such an affectionate cat who loved to snuggle, would always come when called, and never wandered far outside - he would always come running from the bushes in our backyard. He would ALWAYS join me for afternoon naps, and would snuggle under the blankets with us, and sleep with his head on our pillow and not get up until we got up. He would be quite happily sleeping until lunchtime if we were being lazy I miss my boy!!!
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...........aww what a special boy !! he obviously loved his moma and papa to bits and he´s black like little Smudge

Its always a special moment coming across photos, either ones you havent looked at for a while OR finding a surprise film
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What a sweetie! RIP little one
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such a pretty looking kitty RIP Byron,
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He's so beautiful, He's a handsome little Angel in Heaven
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The funny boy never understood that pots weren't for him to lie in So of course we gave up and just kept the pots full of dirt for him
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Aww! What a sweet handsome boy! I'm sorry you lost him suddenly. Finding that film must have been bittersweet!
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Handsome boy! Thanks for sharing his picture and your story.
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What a handsome boy! RIP sweet Baby!
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Looks like he was just as sweet and loving as he was beautiful. No wonder you and hubby fell for little Smudge. Especially as snuggly as she is with your hubby.
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What a sweet faced little boy. I'm so sorry you lossed Byron, may he live on in your hearts forever.
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The picture of Byron and your hubby sleeping looks familiar...did you post this one a while back? I seem to remember this picture. I'm so very sorry about your poor baby, Byron. He was obviously very loved, and will be very much missed.
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He is beautiful Sarah!!! I love the one in the flower pots... And I have to say, his coat looks like my LuckyGirl's, so shiny, almost liquid!
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What an absolutely gorgeous boy! The love you had for him, and him for you is very obvious RIP baby boy
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Limerick cuddles up like that too!! So cute!!
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soo cutteee.. what an adorable kitty.
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