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I am Still Lucky's Mom but....

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A new baby has already come into my life. A grey and white 8 week old kitten, little boy, and the children he has been with...(the last of the litter) named him Mr. Monkey. I talked to the woman tonight, we go to get him tomorrow and I asked her why. She said, when he goes to pounce on something his butt goes into the air and he runs like a monkey. So there it is.

And, as she was telling me about him she said something that caused me to stop in my tracks, the one thing Ronnie (my honey) always said about Lucky, he just wants to be with his momma, that is what this lady said about Mr. Monkey. That he just wants to be with his momma. That was all I needed.

I just know that he will be a support to me like my Lucky grew to be.

And she said, he is not interested in going outside. Good cuz he ain't going. I can't go through that again....

So my Lucky found me a new child....one that will make me laugh

thanks everyone that sent messages to me. it helped.

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Janis, Im so glad to hear this! Especially what she said about him always wanting to be with his momma. And you feeling that Lucky has brought you a new baby

Are you going to keep his name Mr Monkey? I cant wait to see the furr ball!!! I have 2 grey and white kitties myself. One long hair and one short hair!

Get your camera ready!!!! We need lots of pictures and we need to watch him completely grow up!!!

I hope this will bring you some laughter back in your life after so many tears! Good Luck and let us know when he gets there!!!!
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Glad to hear your Angel Lucky sent you another Angel to watch over you, that is very sweet. Mr Monkey sounds like a perfect fit. We want pics soon!!!
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Well, what wonderful news bet you are so excited about collecting your new fur-ball It was obviously meant to BE - Lucky was just having a look around to see which kitty was just for you

As mentioned, get that camera ready we´d all love to see your new addition, he sounds such a cutie-pie and I bet you are just gonna have a happy time with him

Keep us posted
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thats great news, lucky sent u another kitty to take care of you awe, i am so happy for you and get pictures up as soon as u can !
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I'm so glad you have a new furbaby in your life, sent to you by your beloved Lucky.

Welcome to the Cat Site.
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Oh, we are so glad and happy for you!

And really happy that you seem to also believe how we do -- that, when a loved one passes, the greatest tribute we can pay to his or her memory is to open our hearts and homes to embrace someone else who so badly needs both! You are doing a wonderful thing, which I know you will be aware of right from the start; and yes, I believe your beloved Lucky IS the CATalyst in this match.

When our beloved Simba passed in 1998, we had cause to go to our vet for some other purpose -- and one of the techs there said she'd found two kittens and adopted one herself, but that the other needed a loving forever home and would I like to see her? Somehow, I knew my Simba wanted me to do so, and once I saw little Rani, I knew that my Simba wanted me to take her home and give her all the love I had waiting. Ever since, I have thanked God and Simba for our sweet Rani! And I know you will feel similarly, too.
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I am new here and read about ur cats death and just read how u got a new
1. if u dont keep the name Mr. Monkey (which is cute) maybe u could name him little lucky.
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That is good news. Sometimes good things do come soon after bad ones.

Congrats on the new kit, and for not letting him outside where it is so dangerous.
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Dear neetanddave:


And I love your Fluffalorium, too. Wow! Another multicat family!
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I really do believe that those special cats who leave us often bring another one to us to help us. I look forward to hearing more about Mr. Monkey.
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Heres Janis and her little Rainbow Bridge boy Lucky

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Lucky watched over and sent a new one into Mom's life for her to care for! Funny how that works everytime! Congratulations!
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There will only be one Lucky in my life....The only black cat I willever have. I appreciate the thought, but Mr. Monkey really fits this littel bugger.
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I'm so happy that Lucky sent Mr. Monkey to you.

I understand what you mean when you say that you'll never own another black cat.
BUT, don't be suprised if someday...maybe years from now another black cat captures your heart.

My sweet Maggie was an all white girl....they day she died I swore that I would NEVER have another all white cat....we have a tortie and a pale orange and white and deep orange and white cat.
We moved into a new home several months back...three days after we moved in I spotted Kidd an all white Male cat...the second I saw him I knew he had to be mine.
I was never so sure about anything in all my life...it was like Maggie had sent us her to find him and give him a good home.

I'm sorry, didn't mean to make this about me!!

I can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Monkey...I love that name, with a name like that he has to be adorable...but then, what cat isn't??
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. What a little angel Lucky man. I hope he is playing in the Fields of Catnip and that maybe he knows my beloved King Sunny-A-Cat, who's there, too, and who looks so much like him they could be brothers.
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You people are so wonderful. It made the loss easier to bear. Monk is a cutie, and a scrapper, Pebbles is a boxer cat, she loves to right hook whatever comes by, Baby is jealous because she isn't the littlest anymore, BUT misses Lucky, her playmate, and is looking forward to rabbit kick time with Monk.

He did real well last night, slept in bed with Ron and I. he is cute, and until I figure out how the picture thing works, I will describe him

Grey mask, white up through the nose, pink nose, a small grey chin, white from there down his torso, white paws, with gery ankles, and grey on his back with a grey tail, and there is two tone in the grey. and his paw pads are pink dusted with grey, with unique. I thought they wer dirty so I cleaned them, and sure enough, pink with a dusting of grey. He is asleep on the desk next to me with his little tongue sticking out.

All the animals have gone to Lucky's grave to let him know how things are going.

When I got to my nieces in Mesa AZ, it was Easter and they had both of us an Easter basket. Lucky's had cat nip in a bag in it. For weeks nothing, then one day after we are gone all day, we come in our room and cat nip is all over and Lucky is stoned out of his mind. I laughed so hard I wet my pants.

About a week before he crossed Rainbow Bridge, I caught him on the kitchen counter tearing a box of peppermint tea to pieces, again, stoned out of his mind. So I decided, come spring, I am planting peppermint over the top of him. He'd like that.

This one is a trip. Climber, and a romper and NO OUTSIDE FOR THIS ONE. I can't take that again. Cars are mean to kitties. They bite hard....
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I think planting peppermint on his grave is a wonderful idea.

I'm glad you'll be keeping Mr. Monkey inside...I can't even type that name without smiling...it's just so cute!
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Mr. Monkey is a trip, y'all. He is feisty and bold and can whoop the older girls butts already, and he is only 7 weeks old. And he comes to me when I call, and he loves chicken, he can tear up some chicken.

Here is what I discovered about him once he is asleep. He likes to stick his tongue out when he is asleep. He has two small grey dots on his pink nose, he has pink paw pads dusted with grey. He barely has all his teeth. The little ones on the bottom are just breaking the gums. He has a tuft of white hair in the dark grey on his left back side, like Lucky had a tuft of white on his lower right inner belly. He has a sweet cry and loves to romp and he does run like a chimp when he is chasing something. It is hysterical. Little butt all up in the air. Too funny......
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Janis, I'm glad to see you found room in your hurting heart for this little guy. You sure needed him as much as he needed you.
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Dear Mom:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For adopting and rescuing two more dear lives and loving them, and for keeping them inside. Good for you. Inside is always best for cats!

Your stories about your beloved Lucky man brought tears to my eyes. I could just see him. What a wonderful little man he was and always will be; and yes, a peppermint living memorial sounds as if it'd be SO appropriate. I always plant a living memorial above my departed loved ones when possible, and I know how much this can help in our remembrance and love of our loved ones who've gone on ahead of us.

Monk sounds too cute. Can't wait to see the photos whenever they are ready!
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I think that planting the peppermint is a lovely tribute to your Lucky.

Mr. Monkey (great name...LOL!) sounds like he's a riot. It's wonderful that you were able to open your home and your heart to another so soon. While my Midnight can never be replaced, bringing in Everest and Charlotte have helped to fill some of the void left by her passing and have aided in the grieving and coping with her loss. Lucky is certainly watching over you.

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...right you are, Bryan! I find that's true in every instance after a beloved one goes over the Bridge, too. It's the greatest tribute I could think of to the memory of a loved one to open one's heart and home to another who so desperately needs both. And I know those "up there watching" smile down on every one of these instances of love and generosity.
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Aw, I'm so glad for you.. Little new sweety.
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Monkey sounds like the perfect tonic to help you heal I can't wait to see his picture

Congratulations on your new little one!
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Hi And welcome to TCS at the new little one!!!!...!!!!!
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Here he is. Cute little thing. And a big eater. He does run like a monkey. It is so strange. And you know how monkeys go from vine to vine in the jungle, that is how he gets around on the furniture.

He is a little darlin'
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He is sooooo adorable. Enjoy every second with him, they grow up fast.
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awe he is such a cutie ....how old is he? awe tho, such a darling u r right
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Oh, but isn't Monkey the cutest little thing! He's absolutely precious! Make sure you post over in Fur Pics too...more people will see him there...all the better to admire his handsomeness!
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