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Animal Shelter

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When I had Haley and was trying to find her help I called the Animal Shelter that has only been open for less than a year. I was shocked
when they told me they had one spot open and could take Haley, but
the only reason they had an opening was because a dog had to be put to sleep to make room for another stray. They do this with dogs and cats. I get sick just thinking of all the "pick ups" that have to be destroyed to make room for more. The lady I talked wasn't heartless
or cold. She helped me a lot,since I was from another county. But there is so many unwanted pets or pets that get loose and the owners don't want to pay to get them back. This is just madness, it'll never end. For the last year we have had a "stray" cat, or so I thought, but it belongs to the neighbors, but stays here to eat and get out of the bad weather. The neighbors thinks it "funny", they don't have to feed it or give it shelter. And same with their dog to. Sorry, I'm blowing off steam. This really gets depressing sometimes.
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There are no kill shelters in most areas. Alleycat Allies could help locate them in your area. (http://www.alleycat.org/) However, they can't force people to be responsible pet owners. If those people think it's funny to let their pet out in the cold weather without food for them, they should sign their cat over to you. In fact, they should not be allowed to keep animals at all. I'm not a cruel person, but I'd be tempted to report them to the Humane Society--providing you or another responsible person could give the animals good homes. Shame on them!!
By the way, I went to Google, entered "no kill shelters" and a city name, and was given the names of all the no-kill shelters in that area of the state. It's worth knowing. I wish you the very best in your good work, Barb.
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