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Hello. My name is really Vanessa. My name is dont_eat_bambi cause I hate people who deer hunt and I live in the south.

I have four kitties. Hunny Bun. Pinky, Fuzzy, and Lucky.

Hunny bun is I believe about two years old. Pinky and fuzzy are her babies and they are a year and 2 months old. Lucky is about 7-8.

I found hunny bun errmm, she found me at a house my parents and I were staying in out in the country. When my parents moved and I moved out I took hunny bun with me to my apartment. I suspected she was pregnant but wasnt sure . She was so I took care of her five babies and found homes for three of them.

Hunny bun is a lap kitty and is very affectionate. Fuzzy is a loving playful crazy kitty. Pinky is a very small kitty and is anitsocial but also very sweet. Lucky is my boyfriends cat and is very affectionate. He sleeps by our feet and loves to nose kiss.

All of my kitties are spayed or neutered cept for pinky but she will be very shortly.
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Hey Vanessa welcome to TCS! I already saw your beautiful fur babes and they all are BEAUTIFUL! I think you will find this place to be a great place for all kinds of advice, as well as, fun. I hope you stick around!
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Welcome to TCS...your kitties are adorable!!
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Hi and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

Its great here, with lots of advice, help, support and friendship............oh and we have abit of fun now and then

Your fur-family sound such a bunch of peaches Once you get settled maybe you could post some photos We just love photos here!

Enjoy the forums !!
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Thank you for the warm welcome! I already posted some pictures in the fur pictures only forum. Its called "look at my babies."
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These pics are just too cute, you have gorgeous babies
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Welcome to the Cat Site.
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Hello Vanessa, my name is John, welcome to the site
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post

These pics are just too cute, you have gorgeous babies

You left my pinky sweetie out....
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Welcome to the site Vanessa. My name is Kass and I have one cat named Nakita shown in my signature. Enjoy your stay!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Dear Vanessa, Hunny Bun, Pinky, Fuzzy, and Lucky:

Welcome! We hope you'll feel right at home here at TheCatSite -- and we thank you for rescuing and spaying/neutering! You obviously love cats and do the best for them. Bravo to your boyfriend, too -- as those of us "in the know" know, REAL MEN LOVE CATS!!! and Lucky certainly is, ummm, lucky...

I'm anti-hunting, too, by the way. I was vegetarian for a good part of my life, and am going to be again, once I finish up my supplies of, you know...
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Thanks! I do really love kitties and I really want a puppy but I cant until I get a house with a yard.

I came up with my username cause I got ticked off one day and saw a couple of people in their camo and their trucks parked on the side of the road on the way to my parents house. I told me boyfriend "you shouldnt ever eat bambi"

Thus Dont Eat Bambi...

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Dear "Don't":

Right you are. Keep on speaking up and standing up for those who need us to be their voice. Every time you do, you are helping to make a better world. You may not see it, but it's true. Don't ever stop!

"Puppy"? What's a "puppy"? Signed,
CATS RULE! and dogs drool
a/k/a There's nothing wrong with a dog that couldn't be remedied if the dog was a CAT
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IVe never really got to give the dogs that I had as a child all the love that they deserved and it seems like there are a lot of dogs in my area that need adopting. Plus I want a doggie that will get along with my kitties. They will have to all be friends. I want like a jack russell or just a little mixed doggie that is so ugly til he is cute. Hehe...
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Hi Vanessa, welcome to TCS

You will LOVE it here
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Welcome to the site, Vanessa! Please click on my user name and send a message if you need help with anything
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Dear No-Deer-Eater :

Well, it's your call, friend. To me, there's nothing wrong with a dog that being a CAT wouldn't fix.
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Hi and

Can't wait to see some pics of the little cuties you have and see you around in the forums! You're gonna love it here, everyone is great and there is so much to learn from everyone!!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi And welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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