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Great "toy" for cats

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I hope this is an okay spot to put this thread since it's my first after the intro one. I learned for myself how cats will play with basic things around the house, and my cat found he loves playing with my ponytails! How it all happened was I have a bin full of ponytails and other hair accessories, and the little snoop went in there and started digging around! I get him the ponytails that aren't too small or too fluffy, and that don't have any gold clasp things on them. Just simple ones. I'll put them in the bin 'cause he likes the idea of searching for them, and he'll play with them for hours, batting them around, stalking them, sliding them along the kitchen floor...Just was wondering if other cats found the fun out of this "toy" and if not, wanted to share it with you all as a very inexpensive thing you can get your babies that they'll really love!
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my fuzzy seems to love plastic bottle caps and milk thingies... He also likes this one specific toy from walmart that I have bought 5 times now. It has a bell and a fake rabbit foot. He is very strong and likes to use his claws and teeth on it and every couple weeks.. the rabbit foot comes off. I have to buy him a new one and he goes crazy everytime he sees the new one...
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Toilet paper rolls.........empty are good toys as well as BOXES!!!
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Yep my cat will steal my hair ties if I am not careful. And she likes toilet paper rolls and the caps to milk jugs.
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Hair ties and anything small and plastic~ I have to make sure there are no bag ties left around because they love them but I don't want them having them in case they swallow them (metal in them).
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Yep Trout loves mine too...it just sucks when I need one and they are all under the fridge or the bed
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Around my house, if I am not careful to put my hairties and brushes back in the drawer, I have to go searching around the house to see where the Brat Pak has taken them. I have some cute ties with kitties on them that the cats love to play with even when they are in my hair! Once I even found the drain plug for the bathtub in the kitchen.
Calico's, gotta love um
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When I had an s/o who had a ponytail, Rowdy used to steal his hairties, no matter where he hid them. She would also sit on his shoulders and play with his ponytail.

Miss Rowdy is very good at removing the top of the bathroom wastebasket, fishing out ONLY the t.p. cores and scattering them around the house. On my days off, I go through the house, gather them up and take out the trash.
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Apparently the kitties have been digging into the candy from halloween and playing with DUM-DUM pops!
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