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Water fountain question & poll

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So I believe that after 6 or 7 years my fress flow water fountain is finally ready for a long nap. I noticed tonight that there was a lot of water on the mat under the fontin. I thought it was just from the cats dumping water on the floor, but I set it on my table & it continued to leak. So I'm wondering has anyone had this problem? I don't think it's cracked because it does not leak when it is unplugged, but keeping it unplugged defeats having it. So any ideas.
In the case that I do need a new one I'm wondering should I stay with the same type or get a new type for the kitties? So I know we've had a billion discussions on this, but I'm curious about which fountain people think is best. Also, for me size is a consideration because I'm in a small appartment without much room.
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I voted for the Catit fountain because that's the one we have at the moment!The cats like it and Soph likes to drink from the water coming off the dome part.
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I also voted Cat-It - mine all love it - we have 2. I prefer the ones with the water bowls rather than just the dome though as Bumper prefers drinking from the bowl part
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I have the Drinkwell. I do have a small problem removing the motor when cleaning but Much really likes to drink out of the stream. We got it specifically for her because she has had frequent UTIs and it has been worth it.
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I voted for the Drinkwell fountain because it's the only I have have. Shadow likes drinking from the stream but the kittens like to drink from its bowl. I bought it a couple years ago when Midnight was diagnosed with having kidney disease. she didn't like to drink standing water and I was happy that she took to the fountain right away.

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I made my own. It ain't purdy but it works and my cats love it. One (approx. 14"x14") square storage bin and an aquarium filter. Voila! Costs much less than a fancy fountain (easier to maintain too) and my cats are drinking more water.

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SchwarzeKats - what a great idea!

I voted for Drinkwell, in spite of the fact that mine is about to give out after about 5 years - the motor is humming very loud (after a thorough cleaning) and I can tell its about to blow.

I also have a Fresh Flow and the cats really love it. However Pinky has a problem with plastic bowls where his lower front gum swells if the plastic isn't sterilized on a regular basis. He swells from the Fresh Flow but not from the Drinkwell for some reason.

I think I'll look into making one (thanks SchwartzeKatz), or try a Catit. I like to keep a couple of fountains throughout the house.
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I voted for catit because that's what we have right now, and it's fairly easy to clean. My mom likes the freshflow we used to have better, because she found it easier to fill. I love the idea of making your own though! What a smarty! Talk about being easy to clean too.
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I was going back and forth between the drinkwell & the cat it, but now I'm debating about making my own.
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Is Fresh Flow made by Petmate? If so, that's the one I have. I like it, except the pieces are hard to wash by hand. I'm hoping to get a dishwasher soon, which would solve that problem.
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If the only thing busted is the pump, could you just get a new pump from a craft store as a replacement? I know they sell them for making your own decorative fountains, and I would imagine it would be similar, though I haven't really looked at them.
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It leaked everywhere last week. When I had the pump off it didn't leak but as soon as I turned the pump on it would start leaking again. I have no idea where it was leaking from but it is like 5 or 6 years old. It is difficult to clean, I'm hoping the other ones are easier to clean.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
SchwarzeKats - what a great idea!

I voted for Drinkwell, in spite of the fact that mine is about to give out after about 5 years - the motor is humming very loud (after a thorough cleaning) and I can tell its about to blow.
You can also order parts here. DH broke the impeller about 2 weeks after we got it so this was a big help.
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I like the drinkwell because of the free falling water flow. Not only do my kitties drink more, but they get water baths more often. I've got the fresh flow & the water doesn't flow much...not to mention I've had to replace the pump several times.

I love the homemade fountain & just might have to make my own!
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Well after much thought I bought the Cat It last night. I decided the would love drinking the water flowing over the dome. I was right. Once they got over being afraid of the new dish that is exactly where they all drank from.
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petmate fresh flow, as its more hiegenic than their awful habit of drinking from the toilet!!! or my bath water!
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