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Can I throw a Pitty Party

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My teeth (knocks wood seem to be sinus related) so I almost took a breath...

Today my cars air bag light went on .. This car already was needing a new differental computer??? SO Pray I dont get into an accident till after it is fixed .... I have a weds appt ... This is my busy time at all of my jobs so this is not a easy thing...
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Hope things get better for you SOON!!!!
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It seems to be one of those months for everyone
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I hope it all works out!
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Sending positive vibes your way!
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There is light at the end of the tunnel
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Oh, lots of vibes that things get better soon.
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It sounds as if you're having a stretch of bad luck, Jennifer! I'm sending vibes that the tide turns soon!
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Lots of calming vibes and positive thoughts are on the way.
This too shall pass.
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That's a terrible feeling seeing an idiot light go on on your dashboard. Sometimes I think it would be better to kick the car and tell it to smarten up and then don't worry about. With my luck, however, and perhaps yours too at this point, all four tires would go flat.

Light shut off headbuts and stupid car smarten up licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Oh, hopefully its just one of the jerklights.

I'm sending you some good vibes!
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