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Shadow has been a month now

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Title says it all really!! She is doing well, every morning when I go to feed her, she climbs onto my knee, and we have lots of nuzzles - she has taken to biting my necklace though, so a typical kitten now!! She is fascinated with my face though!! She is very playful now, but still skittish when I walk in a room, despite me ignoring her, and she has started to get a bugger at going in her cage, have had to try and catch her the past two nights, which I hate - WEd though, she ran into it herself, so then I had to take her back out, cos if I have had to catch her, I give her cuddles till she purrs, and then she gets a treat. I think she is looking bigger now, and she is due to be wormed next week, so have made her an app to be weighed first, partly cos I am curious and partly cos I have no idea how wormers for kittens work, so dont know if they only work on a certain weight!! My vets use Milbemax for kittens, I prefer Milbemax. I still think she is a small 5month old, all these pics bar the one on my ironing board were taken tonight, do excuse any clutter. WE have had a good evening, she still runs from me when she is playing, but she popped back in her cage for some food, so I picked her up, and put her on my knee, and we had lovely cuddles (as you can see) and she even willingly laid on my knee - so she loves affection, but playing seems to take over!! I doubt she will be rehomed before X MAs, as it is only 5 weeks off, and we dont home after the first week in December, which only gives me a fortnight or so.

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She looks great, not like the little wild thing you took in well done.
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What a beauty. It's always nice to know they're so happy and playing.
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She is looking really well - I was fortunate that she was never a true feral, but she is a different cat in teh cage, she rarely hides from me, and always wants fusses - nearly been late for work the past two mornings as she keeps miaowing at me, and trying to climb up the cage!!! i am hoping soon that I can leave her out all night but none of the others like her, so not sure on that one yet!! If Tiger hadn't taken over the cat room in disgust, I could have popped her in there while I was out to give her more room.
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Aww she is such a beautiful kitty kat!!!!
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She's beautiful ...glad she feels at home!!!
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She's a beauty for sure! Hopefully the other kitties will learn to like her. She looks so sweet! How can they resist!
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Oh gosh! It sounds like she's come such a long way since I met her! I'm pleased that she's now enjoying snuggles much more and is playing - might have to send a couple of new toys for her and your lot!

She looks a lot bigger too! Is she eating much more and more regularly now?

Shame I don't have room for another!
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Oh - can you relocate Tiger, and move Shadow in there? As a solution, it could work out for both of them.
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She is so pretty but then again I love black cats. Too bad I am so far away and my dad won't let me have another kitty.
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She looks like a real sweety
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awww..........what a special little girl ! great to hear how well shes doing
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You've obviously done so much work on her, glad it's paid off. She sounds like a lovely kitty. I hope she gets a home soon.
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Sarah - she is eating well now, although I am giving the rescue 3 lots of kitten wet and 2 lots of kitten dry that I have either been bought or given free that seh wont touch!! She likes Whiskas kitten wet and Whiskas kitten and Perfect Fit dry - was given JWB kitten free and she wouldn't touch it, she ate round it!!! Poos are still iffy, but I have been trying her on new food, so to be expected, and she is due to be wormed on Thurs, so she will be weighed and I can see how much she has put on. She is very hyper and like a normal kitten, until you go to approach her, so miles better.
Satai - not sure about relocating Tiger, the rescue wanted me to have Shadow in the cage in the front room so she can get used to normal household noises and see people coming and going, which she woudln't get in my cat room, as it is a spare bedroom. And whether Tiger would appreciate being relocated is a different matter, although she is coming downstairs more and asking to go out more, so she is getting better with her being here.
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Satai, I have actually tried out your suggestion - while cleaning the cat room today, I realised that there are a lot less hiding places in there than my front room, so it might be a good thing for the next stage, as she has more room to play, yet less room to hide from me like she does in the front room. She is still having access to the rest of the house like normal though - just done that, and Tiger has pinched her room back and Shadow made a beeline for the front room!! But I have moved the cage now, in an attempt to get Tiger to go down more, but she has been doing that.
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We are still doing really well, she has jumped on my knee a few times, I can pick her up more when she is loose in the house now, if I lie down in teh front room she loves affection, and she is looking bigger now - some pics taken last night

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