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Some time ago, I lost my three legged cat that we had for a couple of years (some of you may recall Vicki- horifically abused for 8 years before we got her) and we gave her two great years before she sadly slipped away. Shortly after that - we lost Brandy due to massive kidney failiure and he was the one my son got to know best and whom he still talks about.
When Brandy slipped away, we told him to look at the night sky and find the brightest star and that was his cat looking and watching him. The star adjacent is Vicki.
He still talks about them both (inc this evening when we spoke), however I am interested in what you have told your children when upset over the loss of a pet?
No real reason for asking the question, although it may help someone though when it happens to them and they are seeking answers to their childrens questions.