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hey jugen/debby

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Don't you both live in Clinton, Iowa? We were watching a special on the big cat crisis on MSNBC (National Geographic special). It was a really good show, but sad at times. Anyways, did you know there was a husband and a wife who lived in Clinton & had 3 tigers living in their backyard? One woman filed against them and it got them out of the town.
Tigers, lions, cougars, etc. do not belong in a backyard nor as someone's pet. It was sad to see how some of them are neglected by breeders.
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WOW! I live in Clinton, and I never knew that! Stupid people, it doesn't shock me here, these people are backwater hicks that think animals are items like property.
Debby lives in Des Moines I think.(Maybe I am wrong.) If she lived in Clinton, I'd offer to babysit for her!
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I also remember them saying that all 3 tigers got loose. 2 of them were tranqualized, but the female reacted badly to it and ended up choking herself to death while on the leash. Somehow, their cage was "cut" and the woman/guy said it was fine the night before. Also, when the cops went to investigate, they also found bones (animal bones) and feces. So, I am wondering if they were setup like they said so?
It was a good show, though ...... A woman who used to live in London, is theone who they were doing interviewing. She has a big sanctuary type in the US somewhere ........ and she is the one who rescues most of them.
What irritates me the most, is when the animal is shot and killed when it attacks a human or gets out. 99.9% of the time, it is not the animal's fault ...... afterall, they are wild & it's their instinct to hunt. It's the stupid government's fault, too, imo, because they allow people to breed and sell these wild cats. You should have seen how much you can buy a baby for!!! $300+
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I agree. its insane to even let anyone own a wild animal. ESPECIALLY one that is capable of killing a person because it wasn't cared for properly.
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Wow! That is crazy about the Tigers!!! I hadn't heard that either! I actually don't even know where Clinton is! And I live 70 miles south of Des Moines.
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Sorry, I was guessing. And I'd really babysit your beautiful Amber if you lived closer! She is such a cutie! How are you feeling?
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Don't be sorry! I should be sorry, I don't even know where Clinton is, and I live in Iowa!!! :laughing: (I don't get out much... :LOL: )

I'm feeling pretty good...just still a little sore. And thanks for the compliments on Amber!!! If we lived closer you could babysit anytime!!
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when you watch sex and the city tomorrow, think of me when you see samantha watching Brady... LOL! Bet you'll think twice on that when you see that. it's me all over except not the personal thing, you'll see what I mean!
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I'll remember that!! Now you have me really curious about the "personal thing" :LOL:
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Let me know what you think tonight don't forget to watch it!!!!!
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Almost totally off the subject, but it has to do with wild animals as pets. You know what I think is crazy? That poisonous snakes and spiders are legal as pets. We've seen so many stories on news especially about poisonous snakes biting their owners. It's just nuts!
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I agree, why own something like that anyway? let it be free and enjoy it in its natural surroundings.
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