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Traveling with a cat

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My Lucky was the type of boy that only wanted to be with me. He wouldn't bolt or anything when we traveled.

I recommend the softsided mesh sided travel case that Walmart sells, it is airline approved. When Lucky and I rode the bus from Atlanta to Mesa Arizona 2 and 1/2 days, he wouldn't go potty in a litterbox, I carried one and litter and locked us in a stall and he would not go. He did tee tee twice in the carrier. It cleaned up so easily, washed hosed it off and hung it to dry.

I do not recommend leaving it in the sun to dry, it does fade. He did not mind going in and it was easy to help coax him out. He liked it so much, if he needed space from the other kids, he'd go in there.

If you want to have some fun, do what I did, and get the black one, with a black cat with electric green eyes, people thought it was my purse until he opened his eyes, and then they got a surprise.....that was fun.

Another good feature is the zippers, a full open end and a partial open end. That was handy for me to help comfort him at night, our cuddle time.

Hope this helps some new kitty owners.

See ya,
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I have a carrier similar to that, and I'm very happy with it
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I love my soft-sided carrier - you can open from the front or the top. I showed cats a lot and it was very convient to just sling the carrier over your shoulder and go. Of course I had rexes which don't weigh more then 6-7 lbs full grown. Not sure if I'd want to put a 10-14 lb cat over my shoulder

I do have to buy a new medium size hard carrier for our ocicat cause it will be car traveling for 6 hrs to bring him home and he'll wind up being about 10-12 lbs when grown.
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