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Attention Sex in the city fans..................

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I almost died when I watched the episode tonight! Samantha babysitting!? What is up with that? Too funny the way she handled the baby crying! LOL!
But the sad part is only two more episodes left.
How will we live until the next season? Is there going to be a next season? If not, how will I get my fix? Oh boy I need some chocolate to calm my nerves!:laughing2
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I missed it!!! I will have to catch it later this week. I think this is the last season, but I'm not sure. I will miss it, is such a good show!!!!
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Monday it's on again. I'm going to tape it then. If I can.
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What time tomorrow night is it on?
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let me look...
9:00 to 9:30 monday and 10:00 to 10:30 on tues.
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I'll try to catch it tomorrow night then! Thanks!
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Debby, did you get to see it tonight???
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I'm going to be very sad that the season is ending, but I take consolation in the fact that the new season of sopranos will be starting shortly after that.
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well hello oh mighty one who alerted us sex and the city fanatics to the season starting! I was wondering when you'd come and join us. LOL! if it wasn't for you, we would've never known and missed it all..
Thanks AP! you rule!
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Oh joy - we are waiting for this series to start being broadcast here. I am so looking forward to it
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:laughing2 what can I say? I spend WAY too much time watching TV! and I'm addicted to WAY too many shows!

I really like how this season is going. They've integrated Mirandas baby in really well, without changing the dynamic of the show. I just keep wondering 'where's steve?'
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Debby, did you get to see the show? remember it's on tonight at 10.
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10:00 tonight....I have about 20 minutes to finish up here then before it starts!!!! I hope I make it!!! I hate to miss it, but yet I get so little time to myself these days, it is nice to have some computer time while the baby is sleeping. I will try!!!!!
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Last night's episode was great. I have loved Chris Noth since his Law and Order days. The whole train ride was hilarious. And Charlotte's lawyer wasn't too bad until I got a look at that back. Something about the bald head coupled with the hairy back.
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He reminded me of a gorilla! LOL! And that apartment! Oh my goodness!
Charlotte is a goodball though. the "is that ok?" thing was silly but it fit her to a tee.
I think Big is really cute! I felt sorry for Carrie though. reading before a dog? How horrible! At least the next day was better.
Not much to do with Samantha though. I really like her the best.
I don't want the season to end! this stinks!
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I did finally get to see part of last weeks episode...I got a kick out of Samantha babysitting, and how she lured the baby to sleep!!! :LOL: I liked when Miranda said, "That better be a new one!!"
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Now you know what I'd be like babysitting, minus the "new thing".
Debby, did you get to see yesterdays? That was the second to final episode. I hope so, it was good!
AP are you going to keep us informed on when the new season starts?(if there is one?)
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Barb, I went to the HBO website to see if it said there when the new season starts. It didn't say anything. So we'll just have to wait until HBO starts promoting it again. My guess is it won't be until spring. But luckily the sopranos are starting sunday september 15th!
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No more Sex and the City? How will I cope?
Come back! The darn show is too addicting and I need my fix!
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I missed the first 10 minutes of this weeks episode....but the rest of it was really good!!!! She sure had a hard time getting Big to put that book down and give her some lovin'...:LOL:
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He didn't have any trouble the next am though... LOL!
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