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Michigan v. Ohio State

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Any U of M fans here?

Ohio State?

(No name calling or anything you normally do when you have a few drinks in you and start at the opposite team)

Anyone Anyone???

PS, Bo Schembechler just died...about an hour ago.
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How about neutral? We have Ohio grads and Michigan grads in the lab-this week has been a bit tense, to say the least (but in a good way).
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I live in NE Ohio, if I see one more Ohio State Santa hat I'm going to scream. I didn't even know the game was this weekend until I came into work on Monday.
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We have a bunch of UM fans/grads where I work, so I've been hearing the gloating all week from the men.

I was looking to see the other sides view of things
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Living here in NE Ohio, that's all you hear!!!
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Since both teams are in the Big Ten, I am neutral.
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I'm going for U of M. I don't like Ohio State, and I don't want them to go to the BCS Championship. Go Wolverines!

I'm sorry to hear about Bo Schembechler.
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Very sad to hear about the coach I have no preference who wins but it should be a good game.
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I was born, raised and spent most of my life in Ohio but I can't stand Ohio State. On the flip side I lived in Michigan for few years but the only team in Michigan I like happens to reside in Detroit and they play hockey (Go Wings!). I'm a Notre Dame and even though they were beaten by Michigan this year I might have to root for the Wolverines just to spite all of the Ohio State fans at work.

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