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checking out adult food

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I was checking out adult food at the pet store today. I feed Pro plan and i like it and its affordable. My question is what to feed them? They will be on kitten for a while longer but should i switch to and indoor formula? urinary tract health (both are boys and i read prone to problems)? Their is so many different ones so whats the best for a indoor cat?
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Your kittens are absolutely adorable!

Pro Plan is really not one of the best foods out there. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul kitten food would be a good food that's affordable. They have a kitten, Adult and Light formula so it would make transition easy from one to the other. I'm not sure of the cost of Pro Plan, but you may find the Chicken Soup cheaper.

If you are going to change though, it should be done slowly by mixing the new food with the old starting with a little and progressing till the switch is complete. This is to help avoid tummy upsets.

There are many other quality foods out there and I'm sure Sharky will probably post a list for you. She is one of our nutrition advisor's.
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If you want a list I will list ... If you are satisfied with Pro plan and your boys are "fixed" then look at a regular cat food ( indoor s usually are filled with carbs or and not enought fat)
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I would like a list of good adult foods if you don't mind, please, please, please.
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