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Siamese Mix Needs home in NW ARkansas!

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Hey guys,
I know its been a long time since I have posted, but I have a request

I found a front foot declawed possibly pregnant siamese mix. She appears to be about one year old and is the sweetest little soul. No one is claiming her and I can only have 2 or I will get evicted. If I could I would keep her. She has got an apple head with a somewhat flat face. She has dark chocolate points and her whole face is chocolate. She has light/medium blue eyes and other than being a little chubby looking is somewhat small. I am keeping her in my bedroom because the temps. outside are below freezing.

PLEASE PLEASE someone give this beautiful little girl a home. She obviously is an inside cat as she has no problem being cuddled and sleeping on pillows and stuff. I cant take her to a shelter it would kill me. I have exausted my options. If you know anyone in the area or would like her yourself, please pm me!
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If only you were in the NYC area. I would love to take her in.
Good luck with her.
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If you can get her to Arizona, I'll take her.
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Can transport be arranged somehow? Remember, we did it with Heidi's (valanhb) Ginger.
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I am not sure how to transport an animal. I have never done it before. I am open though, just as long as she is loved and well cared for. I will have pictures of her in a bit.
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I would need help shipping her, but I do live within 15 minutes of an airport, so it is a strong possibility.
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She's a beautiful cat! Since she's been declawed, hopefully someone had the sense to spay her too. She needs be vaccinated and tested too in order for a vet to give her a health certificate, which is required for her to fly. Once that's done, it's possible someone out of state would be willing to adopt her and help pay the transport in lieu of an adoption fee.

Did you get the link to the transport resources that I PM'd you? There's a lot of volunteer groups out there that will transport rescued animals. I looked into all these options when we trying to figure out how to transport Ginger and was amazed how many groups there are.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
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hey. I live in Pea Ridge (20 minutes away from fayetteville). Can you give me some info on the cat you are wanting to give away. We really like the cat and are interested, but want some background info on her.

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Oh gosh, i just read all the information about her.. sorry!

Have you taken her to the vet at all?
If so, what has the vet said about her?
You first posted about her in March and you last posted a few days ago around the 17th of november.. was she pregnant?

Let me know as much info as you know about her etc. and we can go from there. Thanks
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Sorry I didnt get back to you Rachel. I have been out of town for thanksgiving.

Well the update goes like this: I posted another round of signs in english and spanish on peoples doors asking if they had lost a cat to call me and describe it. No one replied. My dad posted on the tyson classified ads if anyone wants her to call me. That way I could meet them and talk to them first. We had several interested but no takers. I double checked with all the shelters in a 30 mile radius, and no luck there either. I had told a friend to ask her family down in south arkansas if any one would want her since I had to go down south for thanksgiving anyway. Turns out a lady in her early 50s was looking for either a persian or siamese cat. I made sure she understood that this cat was declawed and could not eat dry food (she has an overbite and cant crunch the food. She ate maybe a tablespoon of dry food until i figured that out 2 days later). I took her with me and met the lady and watched her interract with the cat. She said she lived out and had some land. She has some barn cats, but she wanted another indoor cat. I told her that the cat likes to go outside with you and is really good about following you and coming when called, but shouldnt live out there since she cannot defend herself.

I am going to call the lady later this week and see how she is adjusting to farm cat life. It broke my heart to give her away. I cried when she took her. I told the lady if for any reason what so ever she changes her mind to call me and I will come and get her.

I wish I would have gotten your message before I left. I would love to be able to see her and know how she is doing. Thank you for your interest though! I am always getting cats up here. If I find another present on my doorstep I will pm you!
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that is so great that you got her to a good home. that is weird though that she can't eat dry food from an overbite. I have a persian with a major overbite where his whole bottom jaw is off diagonally from the top jaw if that makes sense, but anyway he eats just fine. maybe her teeth were bad.
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Thats great. Yeah if something doesn't work out for that lady let me know. I definitey am interested- you might email my personal email if you find out anything...

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