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chin acne and stridex

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some people sugested stridex for chin acne. well it contains salicylic ( SP?) acid. isn't that poisonous to cats?
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I used hydrogen peroxide, and Ginger's cleared up within two weeks. You might just try that instead.

Not certain if Stridex is poisonous, but I assume not, since I've seen it recommended for kitty acne on quite a few sites online.
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My vet recommended stridex. I didn't use it, got some prescription cream instead.
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I have used Hydrogen peroxide with better results than the other options... cept for Zoey the cream way the only way
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My vet also recommended using any type of clear alcohol, such as vodka or gin. It doesn't seem to burn like Stridex and worked great on my cat. I just purchased one of the tiny airplane size bottles of vodka and used it with cotton balls.
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I was cat sitting and my friends cat had some acne. Her vet gave me some
?pledjets that were basically stridex type pads.. Can't remember what the ingredients were but I wouldn't be surprised it it was the same thing.
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